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Update on 'Worried'

I have had my Ca125 results back today tested because I have a pain in the right hand side of my chest at the bottom of rib cage when I breathe in deeply. I had them done at my last check and they were 7 in September. Yesterday they were 22 which I know is still in the 'normal' category but a jump from 7 only 2 months ago. My clinical nurse said he might want to do a CT scan but I have since had a phone call saying my consultant would like to see me before he makes a decision on anything so I have an appointment next Wednesday with him at 3pm.

I'm really quite worried now and been looking at google (I know I shouldn't). I had ascites back last year in July so I think I may have a pleural effusion possibly? Has anyone experienced this? My cancer was stage 3b on diagnosis in 2012 and my recurrence in 2015 caused ascites and was spotted in my stomach cavity but thankfully 6 chemos (carbo only) got rid of it. If this is what it is then this means it's spread doesn't it and would that mean it's in my lungs?

Just soo worried now.

Jo 💜

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Hi ! I would not worries about ca125 , but if that is good indocator to you, you choose.

My daughter had ca125 taken and it is 21 . Mine is always be under 10 and I have oc. So it can do ups and downs.

But good luck and hope all this is false alarm and you can continued your life with good feelings.❤

Xx Daniella


Thank you for your reply, my CA125 was 195 last july then 6 in Dec post chemo. It was 7 in September now 22. It seems to be a good indicator for me but will see . I also have this pain which won't go away.

Thanks for your good wishes and hope all goes well for you


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Hope the pain is just something 'normal' 😇

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Have messaged you Jo - much love and this disease is a crock of s@@t !!!!!!!



Hi I was diagnosed in Nov 2007 with 2b oc. I had ascites and pleural effusion a year ago which was drained then started chemo which cleared it up. I asked the consultant if it had spread to my lungs and he said no. He said the fluid in your abdomen, ascites, can track through the diaphragm into the pleural space. I had a chest xray the following June and the consultant said my lungs were fine. Morag

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