Doctor not worried???

A recent abdominal ultra sound showed ovary enlargement on right side(however not too enlarged) and nodules on both ovaries. Doctor has referred me to Gynae for transvaginal scan but said I hav nothin to be worried about as it probably nothing and it will be almost 3 months before i get an appointment..I have been attending my gp for more than a year with abdominal pain, bloating, severe fatigue and nausea etc basically all the 'BEAT' symptoms and been treated for severe constipation. Does anyone else think its nothing to be worried about?? I had a hysterectomy 14 yrs ago because of problems during a c - section so have no periods but after an internal last week I had some spotting.

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  • Hi, to be sure I would request a CA125 blood test. This can be an early indication of something lurking about. I would,nt wait 3 mths. Love Paul xx

  • Hi there... welcome to the group nobody wants to join! You're here nonetheless ... and are very worried. If I were you, I'd use the BEAT tracker which you'll find on this site. You are able to track your symptoms yourself and then print out the results to take to see your GP. Then I'd explain the wait and ask for something more than a transvaginal scan if the doctor concurs ... maybe a CT. I had to wait a while for my own scan when I was initially semi-diagnosed and sent through to another hospital so I know how difficult it all is. When I was there, there was another woman in the waiting room who'd been scanned straight away privately and then took the results to her appointment. if I'd have known, I'd have done the same.I had to wait 3 weeks for an appointment at the specialist centre and then another 4 to get a scan. Then there's the wait again to see the oncologist, so I was waiting just over 2 months even though I'd already been in hospital and given a tentative diagnosis and had cancerous ascites. I was told I had cancer though the doctor wasn't sure if it was Ovarian or Primary Peritoneal. Sometimes Ovarian cancer can cause constipation. Of course, it could be a gastric problem too which is why this disease is not really picked up on. There's nothing you can really do this weekend but you could maybe make an appointment with your GP next week to talk things through. Failing that, you could call Ruth at Ovacome who is very knowledgeable and helpful. I'm not sure of the number but it's on this site. No doubt someone will post it up for you following this message. Take very good care. x

  • Thank you both for the reply x

  • It's a worrying time for you, i know. not knowing what's going on is hard. If you google BEAT symptom tracker or better still, go to you will find all the info you need on there. I hope it will give you more info to find out what's going on and allow you to put your mind at rest, or get the treatment you need.

    All the best

    Love Wendy xx

  • Hi

    After having vague symptoms for a year, I finally bloated big time. I went to see one of our GPs and she sent me to A &E with a letter requesting urgent tests. I was kept in, had a ct scan. Blood tests and a drain put in to remove the ascities. In less than 2 days I saw the gynaecologist who told me it was cancer. What I'm trying to say is you don't have to wait for months for tests if they believe its serious. Don't wait if you are worried, keep nagging your doctor, and tell them exactly what you are worried about. As the others have said, try the BEAT tracker, you can print off results to show your doctor

    All the best


  • Hi yes I have been doing the beat tracker but to be honest my gp is a one of those docs that are non aproachable.. I wait and see what the trans vaginal scan says I suppose.... Maybe I'm just panicking too much :/

  • You don't say whether your ovaries were removed when you had the hysterectomy. I'm assuming they weren't, as there would be no reason to. But I don't think you are panicing, you have good reason to be concerned. Is there someone that can come with you to see your GP? I hav taken my husband along on occasions, to help do the talking if I'm likely o get upset about something.

  • Please don,t leave it 3 months, at the least get thast CA blood test, love Sandra xx

  • Thanks everyone x

  • Thanks everyone x

  • Thanks everyone x

  • I am so sorry that you are going through this.

    I was assured by two consultant gynaecologists that a large cyst was also " nothing to worry about" and that it was fine to delay the operation I needed and go on the holiday my hubby and I had booked. When it transpired that it was not , I did not receive an explanation ,let alone an apology....just a muttering that they "acted in good faith". I had a borderline tumour and we will never know if this developed in the time we delayed the operation.

    I am fine ( mostly ) now but this is your health. Personally I would push for an earlier appointment.

    Good luck

    Charlie xxx

  • Thank goodness you are fine now Charlie. I think sometimes docs do feel they know everything and at times can be very lax(being a nurse myself i have seen it) I am going to hold out and see what date I get appointment and then decide whether to go private or not.

    Cathy xx

  • Hi all just found out today from Hosp that my gp has actually referred me as urgent ( even though she told me fri there was nothing to worry about) however it still a 4 week wait list!!!! I'm having alot of groin pain when I'm driving has anyone else had this?

  • Hi, Whilst you are waiting it would be worth you asking your GP to do a blood test to check your CA125 levels. It's not always an accurate indicator but at least when you get your appointment at the hospital they will be aware whether your levels are raised or not. My GP automatically sent me for a blood test when I left the surgery as she picked up on my symptoms straight away and by the time my hospital appointment came round they had my results. Good luck Kerry x

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