Hi ladies

I had 2nd line chemo of carboplatin and finished in December and got the all clear no evidence of any disease.

I have in the last week had niggling low down period like pain not bad but there the same feeling I had last time before chemo kicked in.

I'm scared its come back already and if that's the case is this really bad news as its so quick? I feel completely healthy otherwise and only 43 :( My first line was 2012.

Not done anything about it yet. Anyone had this happen so soon?


Jo (scared) xx

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  • Well it could well be your tummy returning to normality after the chemo, we do all get a little amount of tummy ache, well I do anyhow. But if you feel you need to be seen before your next appointment, ask your gp to fastrack an appointment or even just speak to him. There is also the Ovacome nurse you can ring for advice.

  • Hi Jo

    Just wanted to send a hug and best wishes as that fear is a horrible feeling. The advice to try and get to your oncologist ASAP is good, ring the hospital.



  • Thank you I had a chat with my CNS today and a ca125 test in my lunch hour so will see what that says on Monday xx

  • Hope your fears are groundless. There are lots of other reasons for that kind of pain so I hope you're still clear x

  • I too hope your fears are groundless, we all have a tendency to think every ache and pain is the return, but, it can be anything quite normal to anyone outside of our club wouldn't twice about.

    I too would ask the dreaded questions and get the checks,because then you have early treatment and diagnosis of anything untoward.

    I have a check coming up in a week and can find myself working up into a frenzy,so we are all in your corner,

    Wishing you the best,

    Carole xx

  • Very very late but thankfully my fears were completely groundless and my CA125 was 6!  I'd had a bit of stress in the previous couple of weeks so think it must have been that!  Touch wood I'm feeling very healthy, doing a 3 mile colour run for the local hospice at the weekend and looking forward to my holiday in June! Take care all, thank you for your support xxx

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