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Should I be worried?

I had the results of my mid chemo scan and there was NED which is fantastic news, however the consultant said there was a nodule ( 6mm ) on my diaphragm that they were sure wasn't cancerous but that they would keep an eye on. I had to go to A& E last night as I lost a small amount of blood, turns out I have a polyp that will need to be surgically removed and sent off for an analysis, what next? Also, whilst there the doctor was looking at my CT scan and turned round and said "oh,I see you have an unexplained small mass on your diaphragm and a cyst on your kidney " I nearly fell off the bed! Don't like the" small mass " bit and had NEVER been told about any cyst. Spent a sleepless night imaging all sorts and convincing myself it had come back. Rang my CNS this morning who told me that they weren't concerned about the nodule but would keep an eye on it and that although the kidney cyst was mentioned on the CT results it wasn't felt significant to be brought up at the MDT meeting. She is going to try and get me in with the gynaecologist sometime this week re the polyp. All this has really unnerved me and I feel like I felt when I was first diagnosed, silly though that may sound. All these lumps popping up all over the place can't be good can it? I was trying to be so positive as well.....I know that lots of people may be walking about with cysts, nodules and polyps inside them and there's nothing sinister and they are oblivious because they don't have CT scans butt its different for us isn't it? I wonder if too much information is a bad thing. Should I be worried? Can cancer come back in the middle or whilst your on chemo? How do you ever stop worrying every time you get a symptom or niggle?

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Hi Lisarm5,

You are bound to worry, they have been keeping an eye on my "nodules" for four years now and they haven't come to anything, I have had a recurrence but nothing to do with the nodules, now we have your nodules out of the way I am sorry I can't be much help with your other problems, I have not experienced this. But the thing to remember is you are in good hands and your medical team are taking notice, so I hope you are reassured by this. Sending you my best wishes love x G x


Hello There.

I have nver had the same problem but just wanted to agree with Gwyn. You are in good hands and im sure they will be keeping there eye on things. Try not to worry to much as it may well be unnecessary.

good luck with everything.

Love suzanne.



Thank you ladies xx


I am sure that Gwyn is right too! It sounds as if your CNS is reassuring and the team won't let anything untoward develop. I had unexplained nodules on my gall bladder after a scan and they've never come to anything. Fingers crossed, eh? :-o

As to how you cope with worry, have a look on old blogs, using the search box, typing in 'worry' or some other relevant keyword. I think it's a matter of time and confidence in our medical team. Also the way you're feeling, I think our instincts play a part too. My med team have been fantastic. If ever I've had a any queries, I've just phoned my CNS and a scan has been arranged really quickly.

All the best. It's natural to worry but do I hope you're worrying unnecessarily

Love Wendy xx


Hi it is absolutely a part of this condition that leads us all to worry as there are so many unknowns but as you say we have scans and blood tests and get to have an insight that others do not. I had a ct scan only a few weeks ago that showed no recurrence of disease in abdomen or pelvis and reductions in lung lesions but I was convincing myself that everything was going wrong as had a few symptoms that seemed to match pre op ones. Everything has settled down and probably all due to hormones and eating a few wrong things and I am mid chemo. I don't think the anxiety at the back of the mind ever truly goes away but I am sure that it lessens and becomes a way of life - knowing more about our bodies than others and having experts to call on to support us and this site where we can all off load and get the support when we are down. I am sure that you are in good hands and remember that non oncology teams see things a little differently and can be a bit gun ho in their communications.

Big hugs Amanda xx


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