Hospital Boomerang

Well back in the nation health all inclusive holiday camp.

This weeks good news is my husbands stem cell transplant seems to be doing well. He's out of kings and enjoying home life, so I seem to have taken up residency in his place. Last few weeks was a tad rough admitted to hospital with shingles, but kidney found not to be working!.so nephrostomy to drain kidney, then stent put in round four chemo a week late.went to clinic for check up round five, mentioned rising evening temps over 38 but normal by morning! . Chemo postponed and antibiotics given next day tues bleeding heavily clots in urine, dash to hospital. Stuck here for a few days, bleeding now stopped ct scan shows stent ok no new changes. So now having blood, antibiotics and a few days stay . Still at least I'm in the right place for now. Thank you ladIes once again for taking time to read my rant. Pressure now released😳😊😷😃😃😃

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  • HI Knoxie, what a hard time you are having. I would imagine the stents will help you longterm. Sorry you got an infection but you are in the right place to have it treated. So now its like a change of beds and more roundabouts for you and your husband. I am sure you will be fit and able to have the chemo in another week or two. Life is never easy anything that can go wrong will, we call it Murphys law, hope there are no Murphys on this site or I shall annoy someone

  • What a lovely upbeat post when your going through such a difficult time... Great news re hubby all the best for continued recovery.... Your in the right place to get all the problems sorted and your infection better and back to finish your chemo... Sending big hugs xx

  • What a shame you weren't both at home together ! You're right though, you're in the right place for now but I hope you get home soon x

  • Hi Knoxie,

    You have such a brilliant outlook,positivity through adversity!

    You are Definately in the right place to get yourself sorted and that you must do! sounds like Hubbie is doing good and long may that continue.

    It's surprising how we hobble along, I have a Hubbie with Parkinson's who is ok for the moment,but take every day as a blessing and Hun,best foot forward (you know what I mean),

    Lots of love

    Carole xxx

  • So glad to read that your husband is at last home again - but sad that you are back in hospital, Knoxie. Such bad luck. Hopefully you'll soon be sorted out. Sending you both a big hug, Solange. Xx

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