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Any experience with stents and recurrent infection?

hello all

I had a stent fitted in September from my kidney to my bladder but have been plagued by infection since. I've had one 7 night stay in hospital which meant that I had to come off the trial drug for a week or so. The infection recurred within 3 days of finishing the anti-bs. The urologist told me that they would not replace the stent whilst I had an infection and that it was unlikely to be harbouring infection as the anti-biotics would flush through it. All very well but I am fed up with being on strong high dose anti-biotics plus the trial drug.

So lovely ladies, I wondered whether any of you have any experience of this and how it can be resolved.

I could go on and on about treatments (now on my 8th sort) and drugs trials but this would make it into a very long post indeed!

I bumped into Leolady at the Marsden this week and she was about to have an ascities drained. She was her usual upbeat self. I am sure you will join me in wishing her and her husband well - a good recovery and an increased appetite.

Love to you all. Never, never, never give up!


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Hi Sarah

Sorry you are having a rough time of it with all these nasty infections. I have a stent but I have not had any infections at all, so can't be much help to you. Just wanted to send my good wishes and hear hear, to 'never, never, never give up' Vx


Thanks Vicky. Well I'm pleased you're OK. I will have to be patient and wait for them to come up with a solution and some answers. Apart from everything else I am feeling guilty that my husband is having to do everything at the moment as I am lying on the settee a lot!

Have a good weekend.



You cannot get rid of the infections as I am told by my doctor: the infections grown on the stent, The longer the stent is left in the more chance one has of an infection. My husband who has the stent has to have a hernia op but the operation involves having mesh. The surgeon says the mesh with also become infected, so I want an operation (which I had, with a local anaesthesia) with no mesh. I would also like my husband to get rid of the infection from his stent which they are keeping in far too long. Instead of a change every three months they are waiting 6 months and the last time it was 11 months. This causes calcification to grow around the stent and that means it is difficult to get out. I would like to know what injury it does to the ureter? My husband is very unsteady on his feet because of the infection, however he has beaten cancer in the same area through Radiotherapy.I wonder if the Marsden you mention is in West Yorkshire where I live? Cynthia14


I have repeat UTIs for another reason, there are probably lots of little stones causing a blockage and they are going to do a procedure to check this when I get rid of the UTI. But I am beginning to wonder if I ever will… I have tried cranberry supplements, drinking plenty of water, etc, nothing helped. One thing that worked for me is a glass of soda bicarb with half a lemon squeezed into it every morning, but you need to check with your oncologist before trying this as it can interfere with certain chemos. This reduced the symptoms of the UTI, but a test revealed it was still there, even if much reduced… The urologist I see says that any obstruction - e.g. stones - makes UTIs more likely. I worry about constant antibiotics, so I don't use them all the time, but that's not an option if you're on chemo… All I can say is, my thoughts are with you. Can you try a different antibiotic??? Vxxx


Hi Victoria

Well its 2 days since I finished the antibiotics and the infection is back again! So I am on a different a/b just to see if that helps. A friend of mine gave me a pack of pearl barley. I cooked it and then drank the cooking water. Yes it sounds awful but mixed with squash it was OK. It didn't help me obviously but I thought you might like to give it a try. Good luck with yours.

S xxx


So nice to bump into you and hubby, Sarah. I have a good idea what you have been through but it is so encouraging for me to see you looking and sounding 'normal' and well. Perhaps you should be an Ambassador to inspire others. I hope your stent infections settle down soon, you don't need that on top of everything else.

Well, it took Tuesday night and Wednesday to drain 240 litres (3 small bags) then the drain was stopped because they were worried about infection. Thursday I was given de-sentising Carboplatin I took the 0.3 bag with saline but reacted to the next one. After an hour and antihistamine, to my surprise, it was started again and I must admit I had mixed feelings; dreading the chemo being withdrawn but dreading another reaction. However, I managed to get through the rest of the Carbo, then a pleasant surprise (wowee!) they gave me the Gemcitibane as well which I thought they had withdrawn. Home today. Back as inpatient on the 14th for 3rd blood transfusion (due to the Gem) and more chemo. The Marsden are really pulling out all the stops now. Cinderella shall get to the Christmas Ball! :-)

Very very best wishes to you both love Jen (and Les)


Hello. Am up at marsden too.Known to Sarah!! Am up there again next week too but on the 13th so wont see you. Keep an eye open for me in the future. Am always accompanied by Captain Birdseye? father Christmas so you wont miss me!!.



Ha Ha. Will look out for you and Father Christmas but there may be quite a few around. x Jen


Yes you shall go to the ball! Its great to hear that Sutton are being so thorough. And you are tough enough to take it. Do you ever see Angela George?

My infection came back again today so hopefully they will decide to replace the stent. Down there again tomorrow. It will be an interesting journey with me having to stop for the loo every 5 minutes.

Hopefully see you soon.

Love Sarah and Gary


These things have to be done don't they because we still enjoy life. Watching the birds on the feeder, the squirrels and parakeets. Being with our caring partners, still having a laugh! Two lovely Sons living locally. A life long friend who spends the day. Hot chestnuts. Eton Mess. Afternoons out, little projects, the comforts of our home, no towel will be thrown down in our new bathroom! Having said all that my heart goes out to you having to do that long journey especially with loo problem. Hope you have a jug with a tight lid. Have you seen Sue's blog above,she is at the Marsden tomorrow with Captain Birdseye.

x Jen and Les (he always asks whats going on here)


I had a stent put in, between the bladder and kidney, in November of 2013 and so far have no issues, although I did get an antibiotic at the same time. Sorry I cannot offer any words of advice, I just hope everyone to be well.


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