Salpingo -oophorectomy

Im so frightened im scheduled to have this operation end off September, I'm so scared as I have hydronephrosis as well and I have a stent in to protect the kidney but been told the stent is not working. I've been told recovery time is 3 months off work I've already had 5 moths off work when I was rushed in to hospital in april with the hydronephrosis (blocked kidney ) & that was one thy found the turbo ovarian abscess. I'm a big girl I've tried to loose weight as I was told being over weight causes this, I'm just wondering if anyone out their has had this operation. How thy feel now after it how long was their recovery, thanks guys for listening

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  • Hi there .. I'm sorry you're going through this. I'm not sure of kidney issues and I don't know what a turbo abscess is. I presume it's not cancer which is a very good thing though. Xxx

  • Hi Tina thanks for the reply thy won't know if it's cancerous until thy remove it worried sick

  • I know this is a difficult time for you. The vast majority of growths are benign. The average GP will see one case of Ovarian every five years. So far as I know, being overweight doesn't cause Ovarian. There's no real evidence to say weight is an issue so it's not usually listed as a risk factor. Sending you good wishes. Xx

  • Hi, I had this procedure in July, an overnight stay in hospital, performed by keyhole surgery by a specialist gynaecologist oncologist surgeon. I was home the next day loaded up with pain meds. Had to go for a couple of little walks in the ward and have a pee before they let you go home. Walking to the car was slow and my hubby drove slowly the 15 miles home. No probs getting upstairs just a bit painful/slow getting in and out of bed (I was not in bed the whole day- only for sleeping at night) for 3 or 4 days then basically all ok. Take the pain meds regularly before you get pain rather than wait, no point at all trying to be tough.

    Do gentle little regular walks and no pulling, lifting much for the first 3 or 4 days.

    I am having a total hysterectomy middle of sept as I have stage 3 oc - and I'm worried about that - fear of the unknown - but I'm just gonna dose myself up and make sure I report how I feel to the nurses so they can help me get through this.

    I have nothing else medically wrong with me and am 47 and not overweight.

    I don't feel any different now with only one ovary.

    To be honest, fear of the unknown is the worst. The nurses and Drs will look after you.

    Thinking of you


  • Hi Debs. I saw yr post and wanted to reply to try to allay yr fears about yr upcoming op. I had a radical hysterectomy in 2007. I was petrified. Now looking back it was as u say fear of the unknown. I wassupposed to be in hospital for 10 days but out after 4, which included the day of the op. Back to 'normal' about a week later though I wasnt allowed to do housework or lifting for weeks after though me being me figured a way how to hoover sitting down lol. It was nowhere as horrendous as id been imagining. Hope yr op goes well and you have a speedy recovery xx

  • Thankyou debs I'm scared because thy said thy don't know Wat the mass is attached to and thy are worried it's attached to my bowel. So thy might have to open me up, & the kidney keeps blocking so I'm scared that I'm going to loose the right kidney as well I'm so low but talking to you is helping

  • Hi Debs

    Just to reassure you, I had a radical hysterectomy in November 2012 because of ovarian cancer stage 3b with appendix and omentum out and a lovely vertical scar to boot! Anyway I was 40 and fit, I only stayed in hospital 2 nights because I was desperate to recover at home which my surgeon said was the best place for me. They gave me tramadol painkillers which I took every 4 hours but I can honestly say it was nowhere near as bad as people say and I was never in massive pain either. I was back driving the car after a couple of weeks (although I know they advise not to).

    You too will be fine and go home as soon as poss!

    Keep me posted as to how you are, you are also young so you will be just fine I know it!

    Jo xx

  • Thank you, just back from a lovely walk in the county - 8km - I try and do this the day before my chemo (carbo/taxol tomorrow) taxol on its own next week. I have no sickness so it's not that bad although I am having to have an injection to boost my white blood count.

    Please may I ask how you cope with the surgical menopause? Can you give me any tips? I'm having a few hot flushes at night and the occasional hot body sensation but nothing else. I can cope so far but I'm not able to take hrt. You are very kind replying to me when I never really asked a question !☀️☀️☀️🐰🐰

  • Hi Debs

    I was given HRT as soon as I had my hysterectomy and it seems to be working as nearly 3 years on I can't say I've had any menopausal symptoms that I'm aware of. Sorry I can't be of any help on this one.

    That's fantastic walking a lot, it's really good for you. Six months after my hysterectomy and only one month after the end of chemo I ran Bristol 10km in aid of Target Ovarian Cancer and managed it in 1hr 41seconds (gutted as so close to being in 59's) and raised over £3,000. I walk a lot with my dogs as well anything from a couple of miles to 6 miles. Unfortunately after 2.5 years clear it has come back and had my first carbo 2 weeks ago. I feel ok on it at the moment though and am off work so plenty of walking for me to do and plenty of time for it!

    Please let me know how you are Debs, good luck for the op!


  • Hi my 21 year old daughter had salpingo oophrectomy, omentectomy, appendomectomy on 19th March due to a huge ovarian tumor (6.5 kilos) which unfortunately turned out to be cancer but was stage 1a so ahe hasn't needed chemo. But she is planning to return to work 14th September. She still gets niggles from the operation. If she does too much. But generally she's recovered well. Her scar measures 15 inches. But that is because her tumor was so large and they had to remove it in one piece so had to make the cut as big as possible. She so had the same kidney problem as you a few years ago but it seemed to heal well and no further action was needed. Hope everything goes well For you and you recover well x

  • Thanks you so much

  • Barbh71 thanks for the reply u put my mind at rest kelle is 36 but she my little girl I lost her father last September so when this happened with her it was a shock. Can I ask how long was she in theatre for that's Wat I'm going to find hard the wait thanks again from a worried mum

  • My daughters operation was quite complicated so lasted for 4 hours. They had to take a lot away and check everything before they closed her up. This was the worst time of my life. And was so relieved to see her come out of theatre. She had a 6 day stay in hospital because she developed pneumonia after the surgery. Has your daughter had the CA 125 blood test as this indicates ovarian cancer. As my daughters cancer was diagnosed before surgery. She's on the mend but it's been an awful 5 months x

  • Hi, I had a bi-lateral salpingo oophorectomy in January this year and was diagnosed with borderline tumours. I was off work for two weeks and suffered from the occasional twinge for a little while afterwards. The keyhole scars healed very quickly and are now invisible. I stayed overnight in hospital as I was a little queasy after the op; but could have gone home the same day. I am on the large side as well, but found recovery not a problem; just took it easy for a while. I won't deny that things were sore. There was difficulty in finding a comfortable position to sleep in and getting up from sitting down required something solid to lean on. You just need to find your own rhythm. You'll soon learn what is right and wrong for you. I had a little bit of practice before hand as I had a laparoscopy in November last year which led to the discovery of additional cysts on my ovaries and due to this I had a CT scan which led to the discovery of a nodule on my thyroid and being diagnosed with NF1. The thing to remember is, is that everyone is different. Everyone reacts in different ways to the operation and recovery time is different for everyone. Don't expect to suffer everything that other users have reported happen to them as you won't, because if you think it will then, you'll spend most of your time worrying about this rather than concentrating on getting better.

    Hope all goes well and that you have a speedy recovery. Charlotte x

  • Thankyou charlotte what is going through my head is my consultant said they don't know what the mass is attached to they are worried it's attached to my bowel so I'm scared I could end up with a colostomy bag their so much going thru my head and with the kidney problems as well I've just had enough

  • My daughter was told this too. They ways prepare you for the worst. They spoke a lot about a colostomy bag and said they would mark her up for one in case. My daughter refused. Even though her tumor was enormous at 6.5 kilos. They said the size of 2 newborn babies !!! It had not attached itself to the bowel at all. It a coue of weeks after surgery she had camera down throat and up back passage just to make sure. And everything was clear of cancer. Try not to worry. They always give you worst case scenarios. X

  • Try not to worry too much about the impending op. I had a total abdominal hysterectomy in early May. They removed uteris, cervix, ovaries, fallopian tubes, omentum. I have a 13 inch scar from pubes to above tummy button. But despite all my fears (it was the first time I had ever had a general anaesthetic) it all went really well. I was only in hospital for three nights and then they let me go home. The wound healed quite quickly. I was able to do a very short walk after a week but gradually I got stronger and stronger and now I walk my dogs across country for two+ miles just like normal. It's important to combine rest with gentle movement early on. I used to go to bed in the afternoon for the first ten days after I came home and avoided all lifting for a couple of months. I occasionally have a little twinge around the tummy muscles but no other problems. So please don't worry about the op because you will be in the best of hands and you will be pretty much back to normal 6 - 12 weeks afterwards. Good luck and best wishes. Travy

  • Thankyou so much x

  • Like most of the other ladies I had the op a few months ago. Recovered well and now back riding my horse,swimming and dancing. But what I wanted to let you know I only have one kidney. The tumour was also attached to the bowel so had a stoma fitted (got used to it and gave it a name -Stan, not very original!!!) due to be reversed in the next few weeks. So as others have said it's often fear of the unknown. Wishing you all the best xx

  • Thankyou so much cre27 you made me smile telling me about Stan, thy told me thy think the cyst is attached to my bowel your right the fear of the unknown is getting me down. Thank you and I'm glad it all went well for u

  • A year ago I had three large tumours removed from my right ovary via keyhole surgery. One was attached to my lower bowel. The op took six hours as they carefully unpicked it. but only my surgical team were suffering, as I was the last op of the day none of them got home before midnight! I was fine after a couple of weeks. It was only the first few days after that I needed painkillers.

    I had the full hysterectomy, appendix and lymph nodes out a month later and recovery was a bit longer due to scale of op.

    Try not to imagine the worst. Best advice is meditation if possible. Not something I was up for pre-Cancer but I do think it helps get you in the right place

    Best wishes


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