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My white and platelet counts are still low so I got a shot of neupogen. I get one tomorrow too. I couldn't get my chemotherapy and I'm frustrated on how this will effect my treatment and fighting this. Feeling upset at the moment because of this. I feel fine and have had barley no side effects with the chemo, just this. Very discouraging.. I was doing so good mentally and physically this week until now. Just venting.

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A low white count happens frequently with chemo. I had Neopogen many times during chemo. It didn't affect the outcome. It would be dangerous to have chemo when you wouldn't be able to fight a potential infection. Cheer up, it will come up and you will be able to continue soon. Best wishes, Nesie 237

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Thank you for your response


Try not to feel upset - it's just (another!) of the things that doesn't always go straightforwardly. Chemo messes with everything, it's a bit of a blunt instrument, but it does seem to work. This happened to me twice and I had to do my own shots (bleeeargh at first, but you get used to it!), but Neupogen should get you back on track. Venting is good BTW! Despite all my hiccups during treatment, I have been NED for two years and I hope that everything goes better for you in future. Deb xx


Awesome..2 years :) you are helping my spirits. Thank you


Good morning and believe me I feel your frustration! !! Same happens to me - I'm on 3rd line treatment and neutrophils permanently in my boots despite 11 days each cycle of Nupogen! !! Have an agreement with my oncologist that as long as my neuts are over 1.0 I can have it but have had cycles delayed more than once - soooo annoying! !!

Please take heart - these things are sent to test us; I try to think well at least I get another few days of feeling well so make sure I get out as I can 💞💞 xxx



Try not to be too hard on yourself. It just means the cancer drugs are indeed working. My wBC'S fell on a regular basis. I was prescribed the pre-filled syringes and I gave myself or my daughter gave me the shots at home. I usually injected myself for four days the day after chemo. It does not take too long to work. Try to focus on the chemo killing the cancer cells the same way it does the bone marrow cells.

Keep us posted!

XX Carol


I was reading about white cell count boosting, my count was low after chemo and I was given a three month course of folic acid. Your body is protecting itself so a short delay is unlikely to make much difference. There is some research at the moment to see if three rounds are as effective as six. The figures so far show little difference when weighted against the extra sde effects.

Good luck tomorrow



Neupogen was a savior for me! It kept me from missing any more chemo, the shots were not painful, and insurance covered them even though I got five shots each week. I hope in time you will feel better about them. God bless!


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