Hi all of you on this cloudy blustery spring afternoon. Well ,not the news I wanted to hear but just had a phone call from my wonderful specialist nurse the results of the scan are in and it's back. Not surprised but very , very sad for myself and my gorgeous husband . My mind is a whirl of thoughts and feelings I so wish that this is not happening but it is .I need to get my act together, get my boxing gloves on put my fighting knickers on and kick the ........ in to touch again . Nurse said the MRI was complicated whatever that means!!!!!!! Appointment next Fri to discuss the plan so forward and onwards let's fight the fight.

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  • So very sorry you didn't get good news. Be strong, pull those knickers right up, put the gloves on and beat the proverbial out of it. Hope your onc comes up with a good plan of attack and you can beat the ba*%#*d again. Sending lots of love and big hugs ❀xx Jane

  • Thanks for the encouraging remarks

  • Hello again. So sorry to hear your disappointing news. You sound so strong and I do admire that. I, too, found out yesterday that I have an elevated count, and see the oncologist next Friday. I think you are in my area so we possibly share the same lovely oncologist from CH. My appointment is 11am, so wonder if our paths will cross! Good luck, anyway, and I wish you all the very best. 😊 Carolyn x

  • HI Carolyn, My appointment is at 10.20am so we might meet up. So sorry to hear your levels are up here,s hopin g for the best . I am sure we have the same oncologist the lovely Dr El Madawi who I trust implicitly so kind, understanding and on the ball I am sure he will come up with a plan for us both.

  • Yes, he is lovely isn't he? Just what we both need, I feel, at the moment. Where did you have your scan? I expect an MRI soon, but am being re-tested on Monday. I feel pretty low about it all. In the last two years I have had breast cancer, surgery, radiotherapy, ovarian cancer, surgery, chemo, so feel I have had more than my fair share of NHS funding already! I hope we get to meet, my husband and I will be there about 10.50, I will tell the nurse to let you know I am there, if you wish to say 'Hello'. Cx

  • Hi Carolyn, I was wondering how you were doing as I hadn't seen any posts/replies from you recently. I am sorry your ca125 has risen but you have had a decent period sence you finished first line treatment and if it IS a recurrence you are likely to respond again. As I said to Dryden though, I haven't been as active on here as we have had my husband's illness to contend with. We are looking after him at home with the help of hospice at home and marie curie but things are not good.

    I am currently up at the hospital every four weeks to get my olaparib tablets so we may see each other but if not we could maybe try and sort a get together with Dryden and any other local ladies later in the year?

    Much love

    Liz x

  • Hi Liz. It is lovely to hear from you and thank you for your understanding words. I am so sorry that things are difficult for you and I do hope that you get all the love and support you need. It must be over a year since we met on the chemo ward. Sadly, we lost Jean, who you were sitting with, in October to our awful disease. I would love to meet up with you and 'Dryden' when circumstances permit us to do so. In the meantime I am sending much love and a big hug your way! Carolyn x. Ps when you sent your message to Dryden, I was actually walking on the cliff tops!

  • Very sorry to hear about Jean. I saw her last year leaving the chemo ward as I was just going in to see the oncologist, so didn't get chance to chat. She was walking with a stick though and looked very poorly. I guess that must have been about that time.

    Hope you enjoyed your walk and hopefully see you at some point. Take care. X

  • Not the new any of us want to hear. You will 'get your act together' but a feeling down is to be expected Try to remain positive, easier said and done I know but things may not be as bad as you are expecting, lets face it we all think the worst. Sending you a big hug and all the best for your appointment next Friday. Kathy xxx

  • THANKSxxx

  • I am so sorry to hear your news. It sounds like you have an onc you trust very much- so he will have a very good plan for you. And there is no reason this time you can't really kick the #?*! out of it for good. πŸ’₯πŸ€›πŸ»

    Please be gentle to yourself and know we are cheering and praying for you. πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ» You can do it!! πŸ’ͺ🏻πŸ’ͺ🏻πŸ’ͺ🏻

    Xo, Anne


  • Thanks for kind comments yes it's great to have an oncologist that you have complete trust in.

  • So sorry you got the news we never want to hear, hopefully the mdt will meet and of course they will have a plan of action for you in time for your appointment next Friday. Do something nice for yourself before then and try and ignore those horrible negative thoughts,

  • Thanks for your kind remarks trying to keep positive but it is difficult

  • Sorry to hear your news wishing you all the best for your treatment plan.


  • Xxxx

  • Dryden, very, very sorry to hear this news. You've gotten this far, you can do it again. New treatments in the pipeline. Tesla

  • Thanks xxxx

  • Hi Dryden. I haven't been on this forum very much in the last 3 months but I just looked back at your profile/posts and saw your recent request for a meet up. Sorry i didn't respond to that, I live in scarborough too and have the same oncologist! At the moment a get together is impossible for me as my husband is extremely poorly with terminal bowel cancer but would be good to arrange something later this year. I met carolyn at the hospital about a year ago (??) and I'm sure she would be up for a get together too.

    I know recurrence is very scary (more so than original diagnosis) but there are lots of ladies on here who are doing very well after recurrence. It's definitely not the start if the end so try not to be disheartened. I myself was diagnosed in December 2012 and recurred in October 2014 16 months after finishing first line treatment. I started second line treatment a month later and have since had third line treatment both of which I had partial response to. I feel well and am currently on Olaparib (a PARP inhibitor for ladies with the BRCA gene) and it is working for meπŸ‘.After 7 months on the drug my tumour marker is at its lowest ever at 17 and I have virtually no side effects on it. I feel optimistic that it will continue to work and give me a long break from chemo.

    I hope your appointment goes well next Friday and once you have a plan in place you will feel better. Dr El Mahdawi has said ovarian cancer is more and more being treated long term with spells on and off treatment. There are new optons becoming available and the fact you are still platinum sensitive (recurred more than 12 months after finishing treatment) is great news.

    Take care, have a few treats and some long walks on the clifftops and you'll be more than ready to start knocking the bu***r back again!

    Much love. Liz xxx

  • Hi, Thank you so much for the post it really was uplifting and so very kind of you to reply with the problems you are facing. Great that you are in Scarborough and it would be good to get together at some point. I hope to run into Carolyn at the hospital on Fri. Here is wishing everything you would wish for yourself and more besides. Love Chris

  • It's not the news you or your husband wanted to hear but you've managed the treatment before and you'll manage it again. Hope the appointment goes well on Friday and you leave with a plan! All the best!

  • Thanks for that,I am determined that I am going to keep as positive as I can and that the man as a plan on Friday

  • you did it once, you will do it again.This time you will have better therapy options (hope)

    is it low grade?

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