Hi all my friends,just a bit of news for everyone who is going thru all the tests,I have just been told I don't have oc,after seven weeks of worry,I had everyone of the markers for oc and all the tests came back clear,so try and stay positive my friends,until you get told otherwise.i have kidney cysts and prolapsed bladder,which I am going to get treated,so don't give up hope!! Thank you to everyone who helped me along,

without this band of angels I could not have coped I will pray for each and everyone of you izzy xxxxx

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  • Fantastic news Izzy, so pleased for you. thanks for letting us know, Kerry x

  • I'm so pleased for you,Izzy. I hope treatment for your other problems goes well.

    Ali x

  • Wonderful news Izzy. X

  • Great news. sending best wishes x

  • Thrilled for you, absolutely thrilled :)

  • Thank God! X

  • Fantastic news, Izzie. Hope everything else is soon sorted, too.

    Best wishes, Solange

  • Hi Izzy. That is the nicest news I have heard for a long time. We all need the tonic of knowing that sometimes the story has a happy ending. I am so happy for you. I wish you all the best for your other treatments. I am sure that with the spectre of cancer banished you will have renewed energy to deal with them. Stay smiling. Xxx

  • Fantastic news for you! Glad you got everything checked out though I know it's so worrying, but what great results! Hope everything is sorted quickily and you can get on with your life soon.

  • Great news Izzy. Do glad you don't have this disease. Good luck with treatment for the conditions found. Ann

  • Brilliant news xxx

  • So happy for you, Izzy! Stay well.

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