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Chemotherapy Options

Hi all,

So far these are the only chemotherapys ive heard of to ask out Onc about are these:

Weekly Taxol






'Dose dense' Carboplatin/Paclitaxel (lower dose given weekly over 4 weeks)

Has anyone had any others that worked well for them?

Mum has stopped responding to weekly taxol and trying to see what other options there are for her to try.

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Hi. I became allergic to Carboplatin and had to move to Cisplatin and it worked for me although I will advise that it is a harsher chemo to tolerate. Maybe your mum could suggest that to try? Be very aware that it will cause extreme nausea but with the right antisickness this can be controlled. There are probably other options but I have yet to come across them. I wish your mum well. Kathy xx

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I had the debaulking op and then 6 months carbo/taxol 3 weeks on, one off each month,it worked for me and I have been in remission for nearly 2 years.

I had very little side effects a bit of tiredness,eyesight deterioration,a bit of nerve damage,but I am still here and fighting fit.

Wish all the best for your mum

Carole xxx

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It depends on the stage and grade. There are many factors that will determine the recommendations of the oncologist. I had stage 1A high grade. I had six rounds of single agent Carboplatin and had few side effects. Always get a second opinion and do your research but don't make yourself insane.


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