2days to go for the last chemotherapy

Getting a bit nervous though πŸ™„ Just hoping everything goes well - having a CT scan next Tuesday then seeing the doctor the following Tuesday a lot is happening in two weeks just praying everything is going to be fine πŸ™πŸ» the site has helped me a lot and the support we give each other hope everyone well and let's keep fighting this horrible disease take care everyone 😘😘

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  • Wow that must feel so good to be coming to the end of chemo. Hope scan goes ok all the best and big hugs we can do this !!! Xx

  • Thank you thats mean a lot 😘

  • Thank you that's means a lot 😘

  • All the best for your last chemo and for your scan results! Do let us know how you go on. xx Kathy

  • Thank you will have everything crossed xx Tess

  • Good luck for your last chemo - nearly there now!

    This will be me in 2.5 weeks time.

  • Thank you good luck to you too hope everything goes well for you xx Tess

  • Hi Tess - congratulations for coming to the end of this round! And really, the very best for the upcoming scan and subsequent results...I'm sure everyone here will have everything crossed for a positive outcome for you. Sending you lots of positive ((vibes)) :) Jemima xx

  • Thank you is been a long hard 8 months Ive just kept positive - can't believe I've got so far we have a lot to deal with operations and the chemotherapy the support on here is great sending you lots of positive vibes πŸ‘πŸ˜€ xx Tess

  • I hope your scan results are favorable. It must be a great to be coming to the end of your chemo. Best wishes..

  • Thank you will have everything crossed xx Tess

  • You are almost at the finishing line Tess and I want to wish you all the best . Will light a candle for you .


  • Thank you nearly there feeling positive take care xx Tess

  • That is great coming to the end of chemoland. Its not easy that we know. I am sure your scan will go well, it has to go well and then seeing the doctors the following week for results. It is a hard time to cope with. However you will miss the visits to oncology and it might be a good idea to connect with support groups near you so you wont feel too much out on a limb. This often happens post chemo, so do some asking at your next Chemo maybe there might be a Look Good Feel Good class coming up or perhaps there is some access to light reflexology or counselling. I have had all three and found them all invaluable. Wishing you the best of luck, and dont be a stranger now that you are finished treatment

  • Thank you Suzuki will ask tomorrow about then classes I have my name now at the Maggie center across from the hospital - I know the wait will be hard until I see the doctor - I'm due to going back to work in a couple weeks on reduce hours they have been really good to me I'm am looking forward to seeing my work colleagues it has been a hard 8months - plus I've got my first wedding anniversary coming up soon can't wait to celebrate that πŸ˜€ I will not be a stranger on here will keep you posted xxx Tess

  • I bet you cant wait to get back to work but take it easy, I found that once I was back at work when working all the breaks I had been offered were never given. But reduced hours are the way to go. Best wishes for your first WeddIng Anniversary, it has been a hard year but happy as well.

  • A week will seem like a long wait. Hoping for amazing news. I have over a month from scan to oncology appt as she is in holiday. X

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