I had to stop weekly taxol due to chronic fatigue and neuropathy, I reached 11 weeks and should have 16 weeks in all. My oncologist was not pleased and said if I had a break the Taxol would not work if I went back on it, I was having a good result CA came right down, but I felt I could not tolerate any more at the moment. Has anyone else had this experience please ?

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  • Many of us ladies have had at least a six week break from taxol for surgery then resumed effectively again. My oncologist has not said this affects chemo. Maybe other ladies can be mire helpful. Good luck. Tracey x

  • Thank you

  • I havent ever been on weekly Taxol but lots of Ladies here have. I just wanted to send you some hugs xxx Trish

  • I am sorry I have not been on this regime so cannot give you an answer, would you ring Ruth the Ovacome Nurse. As you seem unhappy with you oncologist, would it be worth seeking a second opinion?

  • I don't think your oncologist should be blaming you for getting too many side effects to carry on...only you know how you feel xx

  • I read a research article from 2015 that said some chemo can be just as effective as a full course. They are reviewing six doses of carboplatin in comparison to three at the moment. Side effects are awful, I quit after three doses, whether it made nay difference, who knows, my CA level remained at 21 for the whole experience leading me to think it wasn't actually doing much for me.

    I really wouldn't worry too much, stress makes it all worse. I'd have been inclined to argue the point with the oncologist.


  • Hi I'm on weekly taxol at the moment and have just had 14th out of 18, I'm tolerating it pretty well and have felt more tired as I've gone on but not to the point where I need break yet! These drugs affect us all differently and I wouldn't feel stressed about needing a break as it's hard going, If you've got a CNS I would call her/him to have chat about it as your oncologist should be more sympathetic to your needs. It's a decision that you should be comfortable with and your medical team should be supporting you, I understand that they want the best outcome but the side effects these drugs give you are sometimes very debilitating and they should be doing everything they can to help you through it.

    Good luck and best wishes



  • I had one dose of chemo and 8 weeks later still waiting to resume treatment as my liver was affected and still not settled. Am making the most of the break as u never know what's around the corner.good luck

  • Hi I was on weekly carbo/taxol pre debulking. I had 9 cycles then a break of a month and then back on carbo/taxol till 18 cycles done. There was no mention of the second stage post op being any less effective than the first.

    Don't forget people have to delay chemo for all sorts of the others have said have a chat with your CNS to see if they can clarify your oncologists thoughts

    Dawn xx

  • I think your Oncologist needs a bit of a kick up the backside. It is bloody hard going through all this and we all react differently to these drugs, you need empathy not blame. If you are not happy move Oncologists, I did and the difference in attitude and treatment had been incredible. Hugs xx

  • Thank you all for your help and support, My lovely oncologist retired and I got this one, I think she is focused on the illness more than the person, I have stage 4 OV with mets to liver and lungs, too late for surgery, so all its doing is buying time, but quality of life is important and I have none at the moment, thankfully I have spoken to my lovely supportive nurse that assures me I am right to listen to my body. all the best to you all.

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