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Had just come back off holiday in turkey had a great week had to have scan brought forward. Due to pain in left side thought it was my gall bladder that what I was left thinking well today got results to show that my nodes have grown and the pain was a little fluid around my liver the consultant gave me a choice of painkillers steroids or chemo I chose to have more chemo which is cay lax but I asked if I could have it after my granddaughters 18th of which she is having a party on the 22nd October as there may fatigue and sickness involved and I wanted to enjoy the moment hope I have made the right decision had carboplatin last time had no treatment since July and all the best to you lovely ladies out there

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  • So glad you had a good holiday. Enjoy your granddaughters party. I would be doing the same. Then you can focus on the next bit. All the best Dee

  • Thanks deesales hope every is good for you

  • Sounds like what I would do to. It also gives you time to get into the best place physically and mentally in preparation for the treatment. Make sure you spoil yourself a little and enjoy the party!

    Love Juliax

  • I'd definitely wait until after my granddaughters party too ( if I had a granddaughter that is!!!)

    hopefully your consultant explained fully what each option would do so you also feel confident with your choice. I'm sure he/she did.

    So pleased you had a good holiday, now to look forward and enjoy the 18th birthday party, exciting time for you and your family.

    Take care

    Clare xx

  • Enjoy the party -take care xxx

  • Hey Bobby!

    Good to hear you had a great holiday! It does the soul good to wind down and relax for a while doesn't it! I would have been the same leave the poison until after the party! Forget about it now and enjoy the build up to and the happy occasion that will be your granddaughters party! You will have plenty of time to worry about everything after the party!

    All the best!


  • Thankyou I intend to

  • Hi Bobbyo

    Good call, I would do that too.So pleased you had a good holiday, we went to Turkey, Ozdere in June and had a fabulous time so I hope you are well rested and looking forward to your granddaughters 18th.

    Let us know how you get on

    Carole xxx

  • Thank you turkey is a lovely place been to Dalyan five times now cannot get enough of it well rested spoke to daughters about decision they are concerned but if it makes me to ill when I do have and is not doing much then I will come of it but they want me to enjoy life as I have been but at the end of the day they said its my decision and my body and at the moment I am looking forward to my granddaughter birthday party and I will keep everyone informed how I get onxx

  • HI Bobbyo1, I totall agree with you, the party is only a few weeks away so it wont make a lot of difference treatment wise. From this Forum, Caylex does have a lot of side effects but not everyone suffers the same. Some get off quite lightly, yes you can get tired but you will also have a quality of life with it. Hopefully it will go this way for you also. Thinking of you and sending you the best of kind thoughts

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