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Following my scan it appears the little buggers are on the march again. leaving chemo. till I get symptons again it seems I did not have IBS it was a mass pushing against the bowel. when I had the massive bleed it relieved all the symptons so now more normal, they were going to lance it and then do radiotherapy to shrink it back but as the bleed is getting lighter they have decided to leave alone. New year next appointment unless I get poorly again. I only had 3 months since finishing my last chemo. and all that entailed. Hoping I can do clinical trials that my hospital taking on in a few weeks for new drugs if remission so short seems a lot to go through for so little time. Must not grumble just plod on. Love Jenny

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  • Jenny I am sorry to read that you are not doing too well at the moment. Fingers crossed you will get on a trial to blast the little bu**ers into oblivion.

    Love Ally xx

  • Sorry to hear your news Jenny.It is so disappointing for you.

    Anne x

  • Jenny you can grumble all you like. Having to plod on is a daunting prospect. But that is a battle for the New Year. so I sincerely hope you feel well enough to enjoy christmas and I'm sure you will be up for the fight when it comes. It is worth it - there are lots of good bits in between treatments and trials can be easier than conventional chemotherapy.



  • Hope you will be able to enjoy Christmas and New Year in peace Jenny.

    Love Mary xx

  • Sorry about this, but you have a great attitude. I hope you get something that keeps the b******* at bay for a while. Vxxx

  • So sorry to hear that its back , glad you have a bit of a plan and hope that you can enjoy Christmas , best wishes , dy xx

  • Sorry that you are having such a rough time. I hope that you manage to get a good Christmas.


    Zannah x

  • Dear Jenny, so sorry the remission has been so short and you have been suffering. I hope you can have some respite and enjoy the festive season with your family and I will be thinking of you. Dawn xxxx

  • Thank you all were with such kind and thoughtful friends on this site, its so good to be in touch.

    much love and syber hugs to all xxx

  • Wishing you strength, hope and much love Jenny, Sxx

  • Thank you xxx

  • You've got every right to grumble Jenny, really hope you get a trial. Sending you a hug and thinking of you.

    Love Kaz x x

  • Thank you Kaz I will let you all know if I get the trial love Jenny xx

  • Dear Jenny,

    I am so sorry and feel for you, I had a sneaky feeling that it wasn't IBS when I went to a T.O.C group they mentioned there that IBS is diagnosed when peope are younger, and to be aware that it is not diagnosed later (I wonder why then they said it was that) but when I had a recent recurrence I had symptoms like IBS (well at least that's what I thought it would be like...not that I've ever had IBS)

    Jenny my thoughts and prayers are for you... much love x G x

  • Hi G in the end I too was unsure if IBS was on the loo every five minutes, but since I had the blood it cleared up so obviously not. I wrote to my surgeon and my oncologist today asking if I could be on the clinical trials for the new immune drugs being tested with good results, a lot in the news lately if you do not ask you do not get. Or if not possible perhaps a chemo. when I need it again that will not make my hair fall out again. Nothing will be done untill I get symtons so hope not till the new year, with any luck. Thanks for your message Love Jenny xxx

  • Wishing you and yours a wonderful Christmas and very best wishes for your treatment in the New Year. Hope you get the treatment you need x

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