My scan results

Well 2 posts in 2 days. I think my panic is over now lol. I think up to now I have had it quite easy compared to many. 9 months from my diagnosis for the 2nd time and I really didn't expect the news I got today. Especially after the very bumpy start to my year. 2 days after my last chemo my big sister decided she no longer wanted to be here. A saviour to many and couldn't save her self. I wasn't even sure where I would be for my birthday this year which is 2 weeks today. 1st line of chemo has gone very well and my oncologist says he is very proud of me and how well I have done :) there is no sign of active disease :) it hasn't spread and all they can see is scar tissue. Maybe it's hiding under there but for the time being they are happy with the way things are which is great. Next appointment in 3 months time Yay. I think all in all I'm pretty stunned. Keli xx

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  • Hi Keli! What wonderful news. I am so glad that things are clear. It is possible for us to stay in the clear for years. I am so sorry to hear about your sister, it's always so sad to lose someone you're close to. I am sure she will be sending a cheer from wherever she is. It's always hard to take it in when we get such good news but enjoy a bit of a celebration and may your recovery carry on being so good.

    Love Wendy xx

  • Oh my word it sounds as though you've been through the mill recently and if I understand it correctly that your sister has taken a very serious action I'm sending my heartfelt condolences. Let's hope I've misunderstood.

    It's brilliant news that your scan revealed just scar tissue. It gives you a great second start. Long may this continue for you.

    Sending loads of love, xxxx Annie

  • Thanks Wendy. Am sure she will be smiling for me. It's tough without her but I have my other 2 sisters to share in the good news. Am sure it will sink in in time for my birthday so I can enjoy it. Has even made me shed a tear or 2. But your right it's nice to get some good news, that's what spurs us on. Thank you again. Keli :) xx

  • To add, in case you haven't read other posts on this subject, just give yourself's rare to feel 'Whoop, Whoop!' straight away, a lot of us have felt a sort of shell-shocked, quiet relief but don't feel quite ready for the full blown celebratory mode just yet. You've been through so many shocks to your body and your emotions, so don't be surprised if the euphoria takes a little longer to kick in. it may be what your family and friends will be expecting, but , in a lot of our experiences, it might take you a little longer. Just enjoy the sense of calm in your own way and give yourself time and a few little treats ;-)

    Love Wendy xx

  • Hiya Annie. The lady of many wise words. It has been a tough one and no unfortunately you didn't misunderstand. My wonderful sister who saved so many, gave up on herself. Thank you for your words. It's such a relief, that I'm feeling rather deflated to be honest lol. I'm counting myself lucky. For all the tough times that we get, I have to keep smiling, that's what she would want. I'm hoping many more are as lucky as me to be able to enjoy a little bit more of what life has to offer. Lots of love keli xx

  • Hi Keli

    Good news that there's no sign of the disease. So sorry to hear about your sister, please accept my condolences.

    Love & best wishes

    Mary xx

  • keli, that's wonderful news. There must be many mixed reactions and emotions right now, especially if you're all coping with loss and grief as well. I'm so sorry to hear just how extra tough it has been. You cant change the recent past, but now you can at least take joy in better health and look to the future, with the rest of your family beside you.


    Sue xxx

  • Hi Keli

    So sorry to hear about your sister, my thoughts are with you. Good news has followed so focus on yourself.

    Love and hugs

    Jean. Xxxxxx

  • Thank you for all of your comments. They were lovely thank you :) I must admit some days it has been hard to keep the chin up and keep smiling. I do know that this awful disease makes you so much stronger and boy does it try to knock you down. But we all get up again and carry on. With all that has happened I think it just makes you more determined to knock it back. Seeing via this site how many lovely ladies sorry lovely strong ladies gives me hope and strength. All my best wishes and prayers to all of you. Hugs keli xx

  • Congrats on scan result. So sorry to hear about your sister.


    Eileen xx

  • Hi. Great news with the scan results. :-) So sorry to hear about your sister. Chin up and best wishes to you.:-)

    Louise. Xx

  • Hi Sorry to hear about your sister and offer my condolences and prayers.

    Great news on the cancer front though keep smiling, keep positive and you will win through.

    Sending love and hugs

    Hilary xxxx

  • Dear Keli really sorry to hear about your sister, such sad times when you have had good news about your treatment. It's normal to have such roller coaster emotions and I hope you can feel on a more even keel soon

    Much love Amanda

  • Thank you so much for your lovely replies. Means alot. I'm counting my blessing today. God bless all of you :) and stay strong love keli xx

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