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Scan Results

Sandra had her scan results taken half way through Gem/Carbo cycles. Although CA was dropping (awaiting this weeks score) the scan showed what is termed as Stable. This means no new spread or increase but no shrinkage either. The decision was made to stop chemo as it was having little effect, take a chemo break and get over the chemo fatigue and adopt monthly check ups. There are not many options left after doing 5 lines of treatment but we discussed the possible use of Tamoxifen to slow things down on the next check up or perhaps trying single agent Caelyx if chemo is deemed necessary. Sandra has had Caelyx before and found it tolerable so its an option for the future. In summary, Sandra is pleased to be off treatment for the time being but we are fully aware that the disease although stable is still invading her bowel and rectum, her plueral effusion is unchanged, chest deposits also unchanged we are now taking a huge gamble wondering what the next 4 weeks will do to her body, will it remain stable or will we encounter new problems with bowel and lungs. The dice have been rolled...........lets see where they end.? love Paul and Sandra xx

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Hi Both,

It is good news that the disease is stable ( I think ) the rest from chemo will be good, enjoy the break and I hope everything will go well after the wishes love x G x :-)


I think having a break and giving nature a chance is a good idea. Enjoy the good weather, best wishes to you both



HI Paul and Sandra

Hopefully the break will not cause any news issues

Hope helps her recover from chemo

Sending thoughts and prayers



Hi Paul and Sandra,

sound as though Sandra is going through exactly what I have just finished, I did all 6 carbo/gem and all was stable up till the last round when CA 125 started to rise. I am currently having a break from chemo too and my onc has suggested Tamoxifen for me too. Although difference is I need to have bowel surgergy because of blockages in bowel and possibly a stoma. Thinking of you both and hope that all goes well for Sandra.

Tess x


Hi tess

I too had no joy with carbo/gem. Tried Letrozole,similar to tamoxifen but the cancer only slowed slightly. Tamoxifen has been mentioned as a possibility next, and like you My bowel is beginning to show sign of blockage. Good luck with your treatment

Love Suexxxxx


Our biggest concern is that there were signs of bowel and rectum invasion at the start of treatment, now we know nothing has changed during treatment we are worried if it starts growing again during the month off then she will end up with complications and obstructions to the bowel and/or rectum. Can you advise what to look out for. Love P and S


Tess, what symptoms did you have fir bowel probs love P and S xx


Hi Tess

I had three episodes of bowel blockage with tumour pressing on bowel last year. My remedy has been to have a stent inserted don't know it is there and a low fibre diet. No skins, seeds, nuts, salads, mushrooms, peas,beans. Well cooked veg only not cauliflower or broccoli stalks. Movicol 2 sachets twice a day and I have been fine since November. So far I have avoided the colostomy. Stent does not involve surgery.

Hope you can have this as not as invasive either way I wish you well.

Love and Hugs Hilary xxx


Hi Hilary, I have already been on a low fibre diet since I had two previous blockages, unfortunately problems got worse not better, I will ask about a stent but I don't think this is an option for me but i will ask my consultant. Thanks for the input.

Tess x


CA results through unchanged at 38, shows treatment stopped working.


Hope the break will enable Sandra to build up some strength and that you can both relax for a bit.

Love and best wishes

Mary xx


Hi Paul, my CA125 at the start of Gem/Carbo was around 5000 and had dropped to just above 1000 before it started to rise. I have known for a while that I have had what they called "thickening" of the bowel area during my last chemo which was a trial. During the Gem/Carbo the symptoms I started to experience were to start with strong "wind" type pains in my tummy and a lot of noise and rumblings, this gradually has got worse and I started to get what I can only describe as bowel spasms where I could actually feel my bowels going hard and tight and then relaxing, but the pain was still quite bad and the rumblings and noise has got worse, which is why my oncologist has referred me to a bowel specialist who has looked at my CT scan which showed a lot of distended bowel and lots of pockets of air and liquid so he thinks surgery is the best for me with the strong possibility of having a stoma. This is going to happen in about three weeks time.

What have Sandra's symptoms been?

Thinking of you both

Love Tess x


Apart from usual constipation after chemo which takes about 5 days to shift her movements have been ok. It was because the scan showed invasion of bowel and rectum but no blockages, I was worried that if she is now on wait and see for symptoms that by the time she gets anything then its too late to get a scan organised and a clinic. The onc will be looking at any CA elevation in 4 weeks time. That could be too late. Love P xx


I know it is a great worry, I have now been nearly 4 weeks with no treatment and it will be sometime longer before they give me any more as the Gem/Carbon knocked my bloods for six! It is a good sign that Sandra has no blockages.

love Tess x


Thinking of you both and hoping at the end of the four weeks Sandra is still stable.


Hilary xxx


It sounds as you need to talk to doctor or someone who can tell you what symptoms Sandra may have if blockage develops. I meet a woman with oc at Christies a few Weeks ago and she had a blockage that was being managed pretty well so she could live a reasonably normal life. I am glad you both can have a respite from treatment and Sandra can recover the ravages of chemo. Thinking of you.

Love Francesca x


Hi Paul and Sandra

I hope the stability stays and you can enjoy the next 4 weeks in some sunny weather without problems. Symptoms of bowel problems will range from changes in bowel habit from "normal" and mild pains to obstruction which will lead to nausea and vomiting. It is treatable with conservative management as may be due to localised inflammation or surgery for removal of the blockage, depending on where this is and size will depict whether a stoma is needed or not.

Hopefully Sandra will rest and recuperate.

Love to you both Amanda


Good luck and best wishes.


Eileen xxx


Best wishes to you both, enjoy the good weather and the break from treatment. Thinking of you both.

Annette xxx


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