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Needing some positivity 😢

I completed 2nd line carboplatin and Gem in June was disappointed as I didn't get NED but the consultant was pleased with the effect of the chemo. Am lucky enough to be on avastin for maintenance. There was residual in my right lung. i have been having increasing discomfort on this side and hoping it isn't significantly increasing again. Would love to hear from some of you ladies with similar as feeling very negative at the moment and family and friends don't know the extent of it so don't get support from them although it is my choice to keep it from them all and deal with it. My son is back at uni this week - my goal is to see him graduate in 2018. Am I being unrealistic now it is in my lungs. 😢😢

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HI there, well you must give the Avastin a chance, it may shrink your nodes or tumours a little, this is what happened with me so at present I am stable. You wouldnt get Avastin unless there was a good chance you would be around in a few years so no more negative thoughts. It is a costly drug and that is why I say this. You are bound to get down but your consultant was happy with the result and they dont say they are happy if they are not. I had Gem with Avastin and then Avastin on its own, Gem does wear you out and it takes a while to get back your energy. Perhaps if there is a support Centre near you, you could visit and get counselling, there is also an Ovacome nurse on this site you can ring for advice. But its early days yet so you have to take baby steps and take it day by day. In time your energy will return. Avastin has side effects but the usual ones are sinus problems and a messy nose with it being sore at times and again the tiredness. So rest every day if you can, dont be doing stuff to please your family, its okay not to be okay, sending you a big hug


Hi Gail, I had an incomplete response to the same treatment but have had further shrinkage on Avastin only. I have had stable disease status now for 17 months since my last chemo (peritoneal tumours). I have a friend who has never been rid of tumours and yesterday we celebrated 5 years since our original debulking surgery.

I love a thought from one fellow poster today where her Onc said you get on with the living and we'll do the worrying!

Wishing you well

Sandra x


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