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Some hope and positivity!

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The last time (and first) time I posted here I had just been diagnosed with Grade 4 OV. Im 4 chemo rounds in with 5th planned before surgery in late May. Responding well to the chemo although had to have an emergency op after the first so now have a stoma. I had a very lengthy consult with the surgeon who told me the following- Ignore the stats on any website - they are out of date, they include those poor ladies who are too unwell to make it thru treatment or a surgical intervention {which impacts on stats) and they dont take into account the headway with PARPS. He was clear my situation was life threatening and that if if I was to get to remission it would most likely return BUT he was also clear that there was room for hope and that given the right interventions and taking into account my age (53) and fitness (was v good) I had every chance of seeing it thru the next 5 years. No guarentees of course but before I saw him I had the crushing sense of inevitability that I wouldn't see the next few years and now I have a reason to FIGHT HARD! WOMEN DO SURVIVE- he stressed this!!! So if, like me, there is anyone out there that thinks there is little point going through unpleasant treatmemts etc, I hope that this helps you as much as it helped me. As does this amazing forum with its amazing women!! Happy Easter. And thanks to the people who keep this Ovacome lifeline going x

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Thank you for your post just what I needed, im just coming up to 11 months since my diagnosis and it's my scan in Saturday so the scanxiety in play big style, just going out for a walk and will blow these negative thoughts away and bring back hope and positivity 😊 thank you xxxx

Lots of luck for your scan. Xxx

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experience. You, too, are amazing and you are a great fighter. Happy Easter!

Great post Suzanne... I am so pleased you are doing well xx

Hi Suzanne

Your post is lovely and very uplifting, and I’m so glad you’re doing well and that you’re surgery is going ahead in May. Your surgeon is right the stats are out of date and yes, women can and do survive this disease although I know for some it’s very hard. I’m over 3 years in remission now from stage 3b clear cell and feel so lucky, I dont know if I will ever recur but none of us know what is round the corner so like you I’m always trying to see the positive in every day (even when I’m having a wobble which I regularly do!)

Good luck with your op and sending you Easter hugs!

Liz Xx 💝

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suzannebirch in reply to Lizz49

Thanks Liz. To be honest I couldnt see any positives before I had that chat to my surgeon. I do now but it took that information to give me a new perspective so I was lucky to have him give me that chat and to have spent so long going through it with me. Thought thats why it would be good to share. Felt like a weight being lifted even though he was very honest about probability of re occurance for me. Becuase it gave me hope. And we all need to have a little hope. Xxx

It sounds like you have a wonderful surgeon - thank you for the dose of positivity!

The people at sharp end (pun intended) are the best people to talk to. My oncology consultant was very nice and fairly upbeat but the surgeon was much more positive and although my surgery is palliative before I felt that I had no hope, and now I feel much more positive. In fact Im considering buying new carpets which I had decided wasnt worth it a few weeks ago !

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SUE7777 in reply to rosebine

Go for the carpets! Sue xx

Lovely post to end Good Friday. Happy Easter to you too Suzanne and many more to come Love Angela xx

Hi Suzanne, lovely post to receive this morning hoping some of your positivity rubs off on me. Good luck with your treatment, hope everyone enjoys Easter Diane x

Have a great Easter.... your surgeon is spot on fight hard nothing is over till you decide ...glad to hear you are making good progress wishing you well.

This was lovely for you to share this. Thank you! It’s so important to hear. I love the positivity of your surgeon even though he was realistic too. Wishing you all the best with your treatment. Xx

Absolutely fantastic news for you ,we all need you positivity, my scan results next Thursday so lve got everything crossed. And if its not good l will keep on fighting and the news we give eachAnd hope helps me carry on. I know its not easy

but it really is the only way. Happy Easter everyone look after yourself and never ever give

in theres always light at the end of the tunnel.

Love & hugs SheilaFxxx

Wishing you all the luck for your scan results xx

Thank you, really appreciate it xxx

Thank you for your lovely positive post and that you thought to share it with us. I wish you all the very best. Sue xx

Wonderful to read your post, thank you for sharing, Suzanne!

Well said Suzannebirch!🤩

Thank you for sharing your good news! Wishing you a blessed Easter! Donna xx

So pleased you can 'construct' such positive thoughts as it really helps when we feel so uncertain of our future. And great of you for thanking Ovacome for their work in supporting this forum plus all their support and information for us. I count myself as one of the 'incredibly fortunate' ones with this disease - future looked, and predicted by some as, gloomy but reality proved to be so different and all down to brilliantly professional and passionate medics and surgeons who are at the forefront of delivering better stats for us all.

One day at a time and fill it with kindness for yourself as well as those you love. Warmest wishes. x

Thank you for your positive post I am stage 4b inoperable and am still fighting after three years. You have given me more positivity to keep fighting I am a positive person thank you.👍

Wish you lots of luck xxxx

Thank you for your positively. I could only see gloom and doom since I was diagnosed Dec 2019 stage 3c OC. Hearing your words made such a difference. Thank you Happy Easter 😄

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