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I'm going to have some "me" time. Hooray!!


Bonjour all my lovely teal sisters out there. I hope you are doing well, whatever the weather is chucking at you today. Despite the news, we have not been washed away by floods. We're more shrivelled around the edges from the heat. I've even got crispy bits.

I'm in the dreaded mud pool again. It's a very dark and lonely place. After the carbo/caelyx fiasco I managed just one dose of hycamtin and then the blood counts plummeted even further down. Got shingles too on top of it all. So no chemo for 3 weeks and I am so upset as we could have had our 3 weeks in UK at our grandson's 2nd birthday, my best friend's birthday, travelling around seeing friends and family and then my pre-70th birthday party. All planned and paid for the same three weeks and all cancelled because onc said I should not go and start the new treatment instead. Well, there you go. More bad luck dumped on me. It just never stops.

So, whilst in this gloom some dear friends, who are the best people in the world, offered to pay for a flight back to blighty for me so that I could be at the birthday party for little Max today but of course that's so expensive so I had to say no, but they have invited me to go spend some time with them and just chill by the pool and be waited on hand and foot so that - hopefully - my globules rouge and blanc will rally round and make me well enough for chemo again. After some thought - at least 2 seconds - I said yes as I can't do a flipping thing at the moment as so breathless and useless. Hubby will stay home and DIY himself senseless.

Therefore, lovely ladies, I shall be far too busy with doing sod all to communicate with you until at least next weekend. I do hope you understand. Seriously - I shall still be logging in to read your posts now and then but not every day. I hope you understand. Not being back in England has hit me hard. And what was it all for? Nothing. I should have insisted to wait until our return as I know the beast is marching on as my lumpy lymphs are increasing all the time. They are a good warning for me. I dread having a CA125 test done.

Take care of yourselves and I'll try to get out of this mud pool asap.

Lots of love, Kryssy xxxx

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Oh Kryssy. Sending lots of hugs 🤗 and hope that sitting doing sod all and being waited on hand and foot will be enough to get you out of that mud hole. Your best friend sounds wonderful so I’m sure that will lift you up.

Will be thinking of you 🌻🌻🌻 jenny xx

Oh lovely, I’m so sorry you had to cancel your trip for nothing as the treatment didn’t do for you. I’m not surprised you’re currently in the mud hole.

Your friend sounds like a true gem, some ‘you time’ doing bugger all will give your body a chance to hopefully recharge a little and hopefully you’ll be able to clear your mind a little bit too.

I’m so pleased you’ve not been swept away, lots of lotions on the crispy bits to ease them a little. I always find massaging any lotions and/or potions in is very soothing both physically and mentally.

I hope hubby has a wonderful timed doing his DIYing, and he’ll hopefully be content knowing you’re being thoroughly pampered and cared for.

Keep your fabulous indomitable spirit and sense of humour strong while you chill out.

Love and hugs from across the channel lovely ❤️Xx Jane

Hi Kryssy, what lovely friends you have.

Enjoy your time being pampered, rest up and get your bloods back to normal. I was so sorry that I couldn’t make it to meet you, but getting well is your priority - frustrating though that is.

I hope the DIY goes well and that the mud-pool subsides.

Sending you all my love, Ali xx

Bumpy ride for sure... hope the pampering does you a power of good. It's tough when the disease takes away our planning control and gives us more twists and turns than the Cresta Run. xx

Great to here!! Enjoy!!

Much love JackieO x

You relax and have a lovely rest. We'll speak to you when you get back. Love and hugs, Zena xx

Enjoy the you time - sometimes it all gets too much when we read about all the things that this disease takes from us so it is important to recognise when we just need to focus on ourselves and our own mental well being - hopefully you will return from your break calm and restored enough to restart your treatment plan x

Big hugs Kryssy , have a lovely chill and then get back on bandwagon xx

Big hug of support Kryssy. Sounds like a wonderful way to unplug and just concentrate on your mental and physical health. Take care. XXOO

Enjoy the me time Kryssy,

Pampering by the pool side sounds wonderful!

A great distraction


Kryssy. Have a wonderful time being pampered by your lovely friend and concentrate on letting your blood and body gain their strength. Sending love and gentle hugs and lots of 🌹🌻🌸🌼🌺🌹🌻🌸🌼🌺 Jo

Have a good break to make up for missing your UK trip. Glad you didn't get washed away in the floods. Don't suppose the old vin rouge et blanc will help those globules? Better try the paw-paw fruit / tea again....

I hope you enjoy the pampering and relaxing. You deserve it, sweetheart. Make sure you have a shower before getting in the swimming pool - not sure your friends would thank you for all the mud 😉

Sending you a great hug (((hug))).

Vicki xxx

Sending lots of love and hugs and hoping your bloods improve and you enjoy your pool and chill time back in Blighty xx enjoy lovely lady

Sorry your plans were ruined but on the bright side you have a good friends who will care and look after you for a few days and the cells will get a chance to recover. Yes we got some weeks of warm weather here in Ireland but nothing like you got, We also got some rain, in fact we have rain today. So off you go and enjoy yourself, au revoir

I really feel for you Kryssy. Missing out on your three weeks in England with all your plans, only to find you could have gone after all!! So, so sad, no wonder you're down. Hope you really enjoy being pampered by your lovely friends. Just flopping round with happy chat and no guilt because you see some job you feel you ought to do - but no energy to do anything. It won't matter, you'll have nothing to do. Even a short break from HU Ovacome and all of our woes may help.

Looking forward to hearing how you got on when you're back home.

Loads of love, xx😊💐xx

Where is the haven of luxury that you are jetting off to? Was so looking forward to the party as you know.

I’m really pleased you are having a Kryssy break you need to recharge. We all do. Cancer is like housework these days. Still there when you come back but with no surprises or drastic changes it’s just there

I try not to think about it any more. I’ve got one of my oldest friends here this weekend. We’ve known each other since 1985 when I was 19. Makes you realise that things have changed but we are still here and every today is more important than tomorrow’s

Have a lovely time 🍷

LA xx

HI kryssy, So sorry to read you had to cancel all your lovely plains but what nice friends you have, go and enjoy your sod all and come leaving the mud pool behind.

Take care my friend Lorraine xx💙💙

Have a lovely time away Kryssy and come back fully recharged to continue your battle. What lovely friends you have and I am sure you will be spoilt rotten and it will do you the power of good x x

Have a wonderful break Kryssy, recharge the batteries and regroup the thoughts. Wishing, strength, fun and tranquility. Sandra xx

Sorry you had to cancel your plans, make sure you enjoy your "me" time! Take care Pam x

So sorry for what you're going through Kryssy--even hearing news from your doctor is just adding more mud. You always keep your sense of humor but taking breaks from this forum and just for you to focus on feeling better getting your counts up, all sounds like a smart plan. Oncologist have always told me (as I freaked out over being told I had to skip a session now and then) that a few weeks does not effect things that the next treatment can be effective against. It should be a recharge time if you can focus on the here and now and not having treatment. Are you up to taking nice walks and trying to get some energy (and appetite?) back for this period of time? Thinking of you! oxoox Judy

Can totally empathise... am in the mudpool also all to do with having to be in hospital while my Daughter and family from Vancouver here missing everything.... posting soon, but hope you find your sunshine soon Janet x

Have a lovely time and eat drink and try to be merry.

Hugs and best wishes.

Kathy x

Ah Krystal what a shame knowing now that you could have done the uk trip. Well you go now and lay by that pool and do absolutely nothing as you really deserve this break. Look forward to hearing from you when your back feeling stronger physically and mentally. Xxxx


Have a wonderful , relaxed time with your lovely friend pampering you. You deserve it after the disappointment of your special holiday being cancelled. No matter what happens your sense of humor shines through. Keep smiling 😋


Thinking of you Kryssy, in my thoughts and prayers! You write so wonderfully as this is so hard for you. Take care, xxxDawn!🌺🌺

At this point in time, I hope you are already on your way into the short break, Kryssy, and still feeling ok'ish enough to thoroughly enjoy your time off.

I wish there was something I could do to take the shingles away and egg the new chemo on so it does its work. Just a tiny bit, to give back to someone whose posts are always inspirational and upbeat, despite own worries. Once your body recovers somewhat, I assume Hycamtin will be resumed. Maybe being an in-patient during the days following chemo might help to control side effects better? Could the lymph nodes be removed surgically, by any chance? I guess not, or your med team would already have suggested it.

What about immuno therapy, or hormone treatment, or the (tough) Rotterdam regimen?

WIshing you the best of luck with the chemo. Hugs, Maus

Awww me lovely. There’s better things coming your way enjoy ur self take that sunscreen 😂🙌

Hi Kryssy. Oh I so hate that you had to cancel your trip and then it all changed. The uncertainty of every day makes it so difficult to make plans. But then it changed for the better with the offer of your kind friends. Enjoy and hugs from Oz.

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