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Needing Some Advice

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Hi everyone,

I am a 30yr old new Mommy to an 8month old baby boy. I've been battling with the doctors (and myself) for the last couple of months.

In mid June I noticed my upper abdomen was painful to touch and I had some sharp pains in my abdomen so I booked an apt with my gyno. He sent me in for a pelvic and abdominal sonogram which showed a dilated right kidney (by this time it was mid July). The sonogram did not note anything significant other than multiple bilaterial follicles which the doctor assured me was normal. Due to the enlarged kidney I was sent in for a pelvic and abdominal Ct. Again, the Ct did not show and tumors,cysts, or pelvic free fluid. To everyone's best guess the enlarged kidney was maybe from pregnancy.

Around that time I noticed light rectal bleeding and blood in my discharge (tmi I know). I received a colonoscopy and paps which came back normal. During this whole ordeal my pain was continuing, followed with awful

Heartburn, and I developed a dry hacking couch. I saw another OBGYN for a second opinion and he ordered a CA125 test which came back with a level of 22. I asked for a transvaginal sonogram since my precious ones weren't ,but he told me the other scans combined with the blood test were efficient enough and pretty much chalked my

Symptoms up to postpartum insanity.

Last night I checked myself into the ER due to chest pains. A chest X-ray was done and everything looked clear. The doctors said to their best guess it was probably due to pleurisy from an underlining infection. When rocking my baby tonight I swear I could feel fluid moving around in my lungs.

I guess my question is....... I know somethings not right with my body but feel like I've hit a dead end on who to turn to next. My gut tells me I have Ovarian cancer, and now I'm starting to think more PPC ,but all my data is showing otherwise. Has anyone else heard of anyone going through something like this before getting diagnosed? Am I losing my mind?

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Hi there ...

Your CA125 is within normal range and you've had a scan. A GP, on average, sees an Ovarian case once every five years. PPC is very rare indeed. I would say that you, in all probability, don't have either PPC or Ovarian.

I think it may be a good idea to call the Ovacome helpline to get some pointers for further help or reassurance. Xx

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Ashtnren in reply to TinaB1

Hi Tina,

Thanks for your quick response. I will look into the helpline!

I am inclined to agree with Tina and from some of the terminology you use that you are American? Are you in the U.K. Or States? I only ask as the Ovacome line is a UK based number. I noticed you mention that you suffer with heartburn. Have you been prescribed anything for this? Acid reflux can cause a lot of discomfort and it can irritate your throat causing a dry cough

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Ashtnren in reply to ScardyCat40

Thank you for your quick replies. I am American and am in the states. I take nexium every morning but it doesn't seem to help. 😩

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ScardyCat40 in reply to Ashtnren

What dosage is that? You might need a higher dose can you see your family doctor?

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Ashtnren in reply to ScardyCat40

20mg, I'm going to go see the family doctor today, I'm sure she's getting tired of me by now. I have seen 7 doctors over the last 2months trying to get to the bottom of what's going on. They've given me antibiotics, anxiety meds,and told me to start using birth control (which I haven't done yet). So far nothing has helped.

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Hi Ashtnren,

I take Nexium every morning and then a Zantac in the evening before bed. I have really bad acid reflux and my doctor/ oncologist said that it is very safe to take both. Getting your reflux in control should help with the cough. Give your body a chance to really recuperate since you had your baby. Be gentle on yourself. You have gotten some really good results with the tests you have had done and the CA125 is really good! Having a grouchy kidney can really hurt and make you feel bad all over as well. Keep your spirits up! You have a precious little one to take care of but it is good that you are paying attention to your body! Take care - Tracy

Hi Ash I hope you apt with your doctor goes okay. There is an American Cancer Society that should be able to advise you. If all is clear so far personally I wouldn't worry. I came across a lady with similar problems on another site and lo and behold she was expecting another baby. So maybe a pregnancy test might sort that one out. Other than that your body is possibility recovering from your recent baby

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Thanks for the response Suzuki. I actually was given a pregnancy test last week and it came back negative. I'll check out the American Cancer Society's info. Thanks again!


Where are you located in the States. I'm in Virginia. I'm asking because you can always get a another opinion if your gut is telling you something is not right. I would if I were you. I can recommend someone depending on where you live. I would look for a gynecologist oncologist not just a Gyno.

I'm in Dallas, Texas. I've went I two OBGYNs who have said the same thing ,but I haven't went to a obgyn onc. Maybe that will be my next step! Thanks for the advice. Can you get into there without a referral??

I don't know it all depends on your insurance. I would assume you can though. Yes, I would def go see a Gyno oncologist because Ovarian Cancer is what they see and deal with not a regular Gyno.

No, you are not losing your mind! Have you had a colonoscopy? Endoscopy? Over a two year period I went to multiple doctors trying to determine the root cause of my indigestion and bloating.I was misdiagnosed by all of them. Do not give up. Have you had a CAT Scan?

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Ashtnren in reply to Tesla_7US

Yes-I had a colonoscopy and I had a benign polyp removed. I had a pelvic/abdominal CT scan which showed nothing but the dilated kidney and bilateral follicles. I went to my OBGYN today who prescribed lexapro and xanax and basically told me this is all in my head...... I'm still not on board with that explanation but feel like I've hit a dead end at this point.

I didn't have any of the symptoms your describing. Maybe it's just your body getting back to normal after childbirth. Maybe you just have anxiety. Good luck.

I'm waiting for a fellow survivor to get back to me on recommendations of gynocologist oncologist in your area. You have to see one and get the best care to find out.

I found this website though... which goes by where you live and my DR was in there.

Thank you so much!

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