Good news

Saw my oncologist yesterday and my ca125 had gone down from 300 to 148 😊 my prayers were answered. Last year before I started chemo it was 2,700, then went down to 19. But then started rising again when I went on avastin then caylax. Back on taxol which I was on last year and it's working. Also had chemo yesterday too, was wondering if I would be having it due to the rash I have got but was told I could go ahead with it. Came away a happy bunny πŸ‘― xx

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  • Oh wow, Juliette - that's just what we all wanted to hear!

  • Thanks harpist, it was such a relief. Xx

  • I can imagine.. really pleased for you Juliette xxx

  • Thank-you Tina xxx

  • Hi Juliett, that's excellent news I am so happy for you! Take care big hugs Cindyxx

  • Thank-you cindy, big hugs to you too xx

  • Great news, Juliette 😍

  • Thanks yoshbosh, really pleased. Xx

  • Great news! so pleased for you ! :)

  • Thank-you katmal xx

  • Awww thats such good news ... Yahay πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

  • Aaaw thanks shelly xx

  • Great news ! Take care

    Judy xx

  • Aaaw thanks judy you too. Xx

  • Awesome! So pleased for you... love hearing stuff like this!πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘πŸ»Love Michelle xx

  • Thanks Michelle, me too 😊


  • Really good news. you most be feeling very happy. Hope the side effects of the recent the recent chemo are not too bad. All the best! Helen

  • Thanks Helen Yes I feel fine today I think the steroids give me energy. And yes happy too

    Best wishes to you too

    Julie xx

  • Delighted for you Juliette. When I came back to my room last night after wedding I could not get on the Internet even though it was supposed to have wifi. That is why I'm doubly delighted to read your good news tonight . Long may this positive trend continue. Having my own chemo on Mon and then getting on a bus to Dublin. I hope I have soaked up some of your good vibes and keep away any evil little germs that may be lurking on the bus ! Take care


  • Haha thanks molly , good luck for Monday and enjoy your trip into Dublin. Yes you will be fine , 😊 no little germs will be following you


  • Brilliant. Doesn't it make the world seem rosy when it's good news xx

  • It does gleedy, it is such a horrible disease. It's great to get some good news. Xx

  • Brilliant news, best wishes xx

  • Thank-you xx

  • Wonderful news Juliette,long may it continue

    Carole xxx

  • Thank-you carol xx

  • Fantastic news Juliette!


  • Thank-you xx

  • That's great news I'm so pleased for you Lx

  • Thank-you Lesley, xx

  • Its lovely to hear good news Juliette, may your joy continue. Jeanette xxx

  • Thank-you jeanette xx

  • Great stuff Juliette. Keep on going strong!


  • Thanks nettle xx

  • Sorry netti xx

  • Brilliant news, it is things like this which makes it all worth while

  • Thanks suzuki Yes I agree with you . Xx

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