I am really worried

Hello Ladies, for the last 10 days I have been plagued by constipation, having been going a little, i just upped the fibre, and of course lots of water. I was so worried I went to the doctor on Friday and he gave me a script for anema's and glycerol suppositories. My appetite is good and I dont feel bad. I have had my dinner, but I am so worried now that there is something wrong as I have no urge to go. I actually foolishly thought that if i ate a lot that it would push it through. I dont know what to do. I dont want to go to the hospital, I am so afraid.

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  • Bless your heart... Are you having chemo because this does cause constipation... I would ring my onc nurse if you don't go to loo for more than three days it's going to cause a problem and you can become severely impacted... Don't leave it please get yourself sorted out it must be so uncomfortable.

  • Thanks Shelly, yes I am on chemo. I was hoping against all hopes that I would be able to go but It's not going to happen..

    Hope you are well Shelly

  • try a good pre biotic or make your own kefir. that has done wonders for myself. I also suffered horribly with constipation with the anti-emetics. try to start preparing before chemo with duculax or senna tablets and drink drink drink. I spent a whole night crying on the bathroom floor before I used an enema. Hug to you! Hang in there and let us know how it "goes"

  • Try not to worry stress will affect your ability to relax the bowel. If you do not feel ill give nature a chance. I know someone who only goes once a fortnight and is not suffering any ill effects.

    Before my stoma I found fibre made things worse for me whereas now it's a low fibre diet.

    It's so easy to let these things build into a problem what did your doc say?

    LA xx

  • Thanks Lily, My doctor said to use the enema as a last resort. So I used the other suppositories, but I did use the emema and it was kinda like passing water out your bum sorry to be so graphic.

  • Sounds like maybe you didn't need it. Have learned so much about bowels these last few months lol


  • Take a glass of Movicol powder three times in the day, it will soon help move things along. I take it a day before Chemo and for up to three days after to get things moving again.

  • A hot cup of tea,usually does it for me or failing that sennacot taken on going to bed.

    I also eat prunes.baked beans and Brussels sprouts in my diet.

    Excercise as well,if you don't want to risk a walk,do something in the house.

    If you are at all still concerned,go back again to himxx

  • You poor thing ...constipation after chemi is hell ! The sickness pills stop everything working and you get an awful back up ! But all things will pass . Your Oncology nurse can suggest stool softener , but all the advice given is excellent . Before chemo I always took senna , and got ahead of the problem , but it took me a year to work out how to do it !

    My grandmother always used to say , " All things will pass ... " , and it's true about everything !

  • When I was going through Chemo, I had carrot juice and smoothies but every day and this helped. Fortunately, I never had constipation. You will be ok. Xx

  • Hi I was told to take movocol straight after chemo to keep things soft until I had finished the anti sickness meds etc it did work for me, I always got constipated after chemo, it isn't nice, if you haven't been for 3 days I would speak to your CNS or gp for some help. Xx

  • Before my stoma I got constipated with chemo. I tried movicol, lactolose and Senna but nothing would shift me. The only thing that worked for me was picolax. It's what is used sometimes before surgery. One sachet of that and within a couple of hours all was good. It's quite drastic but worth it.

    Hope you manage to get it sorted it is horrible.


  • Hi Demelza

    Tbh the first few rounds of chemo I thought I would never go again...ever!

    Movicol was my saviour..you start with 3 per day and then increase until you go...then next time as others have said get in early..even the day before with something mild like Lactulose.

    It's nasty but it will pass!

    L xx

  • Just to add .surgery,chemo and lack of esterogen all affect the motility of the bowel. It's not necessarily lack of fibre that's the problem it's usually a lazy bowel caused by the above. You may need to take a fleets enema to "unblock" the build up and that will get things going. I am having chemo and have an unpredictable bowel pattern ...but I watch it carefully and intervene early with laxatives. Some laxatives take 3 days to work so try and educate yourself on the most suitable ones for you. From my experience constipation is seriously underrated as a side effect of treatment. But there is great advise on this forum . Good luck.

  • Well if you went and very loose you went remember a tip a neighbour gave me what goes in must come out and I chilled a bit. So now you have gone as I understand, take prunes in juice and brown bread and veg and keep it flowing. A hot water bottle and peppermints help as well, so sorry it is very uncomfy, I suffered badly from it too,

  • I found taking magnesium citrate works for me

  • Damelza I have empathy for you I go through this every time I have chemo and have to phone the unit by day 3 post chemo.

    I currently take 2 Dioctyl daily and also 1 movencomovical every morning, this really helps to get me by.

    Hope you get this resolved quickly.

    Ellsey xx

  • Have you tried dulcolax? I had a bowel.blockage on chemo and its got to go somewhere. Its horrid if you start being sick. Walking and a warm bath might also help. Ann x

  • I suffered on chemo and had to be careful because of the surgery and not wanting to strain. I mentioned it to the nurses and they gave me lactulose.. soon got things going again. x

  • I was told to ring the chemo helpline if I didn't go for 3 days. I use figs as they work for me and so does beetroot, to a lesser extent, and pears. Suppositories should work as a last resort though enemas can be messy. I'd talk to the oncology team first.

  • And walking or swimming x

  • Hi Damelza

    You can see from all the replies that this is very common. As I have just started chemo for recurrence you have my complete sympathy. For me it is the worst symptom of all. However it can be managed and the other women are giving you very good advice . 10days is a long time but dont panic. I found when I got too tense about it nothing happened. I just followed advice to take the laxatives and have prunes with my porridge. Drinking water and walking also helps things along.i hope you start feeling better soon. Take care.


  • Hi Mira lax is what I was told to take. It works

  • Try a product called Natural Calm, its magnesium..it's a powder you mix with water. You drink a glass at night before bed and by the next morning things should be moving. Naturally not urgently. You can get it from most health food stores some groceries or on line. ( if you are really blocked up it may take 2 doses but it t works great!!

  • DOCOLACE!! One tablet in the morning and one at night. It's a miracle worker!!

  • Hi Damelza I know this is very stressful because I also have been suffering to the point of going to my local hospital out of hours clinic. I had not gone for two weeks.

    I had already taken lots of movìcol, a whole bottle of fig liquid with lots of fibre foods. The dr suggested more laxatives. I believe my problem was using suppostories when I could not go it worked at first but then stopped & really blocked me.

    Chemo is known to do this. Please try not to worry I know it easy said than done. Xx

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