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Should I be worried?

Back in Sept 2011 my gp referred me to gyne, I've had 2 ultra sound scans, blood tests, internal examination, swab. My main symptoms were pelvic/back pain, dysmenorrea, menorrea, and my cycle was roughly every 3 months. I was told that I have a dermoid cyst ( mature teratoma) and its structure doesn't look normal. The 13th of Jan I saw my consultant he discussed my results from the scan, told me that the cyst is 6cm, my ca125 is 8. He said it also looks like I have pco, he asked me about my symptoms and told me the cyst warrants surgery and the procedure would be a laparascopic ovarian cystectomy. After explaining the risks and possible opening my caesarian scar if laparascopic doesn't work etc I was consented. He then told me that another consultant would be taking over my care as he doesn't do this procedure. The following week I attended a pre operative assessment and I have today relieved a call from admissions that there has been a cancellation and asked me to come in tomorrow for bloods and prep, then have my op the next day. I'm worried about it, I'm worried that I'm bleeding at present and worried about the histology etc. Am I over reacting?

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If it were me, I would want to get on with things as soon as poss. I would make it clear that if they found anything in the least bit suspicious, they should do a full examination and open you up. I was bleeding when I went in for my op, 9 years ago. The circumstances were different to yours though, so maybe you could take the chance to have the blood and pre-op tests and if possible speak to one of the nurses on the helpline at Ovacome (08453710554). You can leave a message on there this evening and say what your timescale is, I'm sure they'll get back to you a s a p. Of course, you may prefer to wait and get more info. We're all different .... this is just what I'd do! Hope it helps, and hope you'll be back on here soon and telling us how it all went wonderfully and therte are no further worries.

All the best

Love, Wendy xx


Thanks Wendy I will do and I'll let you know how things go.

Love, Sarah xx


Hi Sarah

Sorry that you are having a rough time. Of course you are not over reacting , you wouldn't be normal if you weren't concerned.

I would certainly agree with Wendy's advice. I spoke to one of the Ovacome specialist nurses on more than one occasion and she was absolutely fantastic.

Do please bear in mind that the doctors won't know for certain what is wrong 'till they open you up, have a look and biopsy whatever is removed. I was told that my "cyst" may be a Stage 4 cancer, then that it was just a cyst with a fibroid hiding behind it and finally that it was a borderline tumour.

The fact that your CA125 is so low is really good news. Generally anything bigger than 5 cm doctors seem to advise removing. Also, don't worry in the least about the fact that you are losing blood at the moment, gynaes are well used to dealing with this. It's their job and it's what you pay them so well for for via your taxes !

Open abdominal surgery is a big operation as you know, but you will get through it honestly. It is also the best way for your surgeon to look at all of your inner organs and the best way to get any cysts etc out without them bursting.

If you have had pain since September 2011 , then it is probably unlikely to go away.

My large borderline tumour was removed in January 2010 and I am really well now, enjoying life. And fingers crossed you will be to before too long.

Very best of luck over the nest few days and weeks.


Charlie xxx


I'm with Wendy on this! I would want it over & done with. I know how you feel though! I am very impatient with my slow recovery from surgery (actually not slow by medical standards).

Good luck whatever you decide! We are all rooting for you! Watch out for the post op pain killers! I had weird dreams! Saw where Coleridge got Khubla Khan from! LOL!


Hi Sarah

I also agree with the above I hid my head in the sands and it turned out I had womb and ovarian cancer. The operation was a hysterectomy but I actually sailed through the recovery. Also although I am now in remission so I would say to anyone get medical help and you will be on the road to recovery whatever the problem is. Its easy for people to say dont worry but I remember my friend saying to me the anaesthetic is the best sleep ever, and she was right. Good luck we are all with you.



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