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Lost worried

Complete hysterectomy 4 yrs ago due to pain bleed and fibroids. Said went good and touch of cancer but they got it I needed nothing. 2 yrs later mass was removed said all was good. no cancer 6 mths later small mass but told was scar tissue we keep eye it. Few weeks ago pain in right leg, heartburn issues eating now throbing pain in right leg. Vag ultrasound showes mass 3.3 cm.. it has grown dont think it is scar tissue any more. Said my CA 125 is normal. Have a contrast dye cscan in morning. I am worried but only because I know nothing. What are chances its cancer. I had cancer in thyroid 7 yrs ago had whole thi g removed. Been thru this 2x just seems this time weeks apart per text another week wait. I go back July 31 for results and plan action. Doc outta office for a week. Utah state holidays. Any advice or help please.

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Difficult and worrying time for you.Answers only when your Doc returns from holiday, could you not see someone else?

Once these health issues start we never really have peace of mind, but in the interim days when we feel good, have to focus on the positive and good aspects of our life.

Hope all goes well for you xxx


Hi, I guess it's no use, telling you not to worry


By this time you have had the scan and I hope all goes well, they might wait and rescan in a few months if 125 is okay or they could decide to treat you while you are clinically well. I suppose you wait and see until the end of the month, in the meantime try and enjoy the good days and give yourself a treat because you are worth it


Sure hope your doctor is a gyn/oncologist. Makes a huge difference due to their training and experience. Any time you are feeling unsure, get a second opinion. Meres arch as much as you can. These forums are great. Have you tried You are your best advocate!


Research as much as you can. (Sorry!)


All I can offer to you is that my onc has always claimed that the CA 125 has to be elevated AS WELL as having a positive scan. He also has said that the only real definitive diagnosis comes from biopsy results. Most of us on this post have already had the diagnosis of OC. After the first initial diagnosis the physicians will use the scans and can tell if it has reoccurred.

I don't know if this is helpful to you. Your scan has been completed by now and I hope you feel better while you wait for your results.

The very best to you.



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