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Just want to say I joined this group because I started googling my symptoms , for me that's the worst thing I could have done ! However I found you ladies , The group gave me faith and hope for my tests , and so far so good , nothing untoward has been since , so the bleed after 15 months menapause is hormones kicking off .i was convinced that today they would see something on my ovaries , (because of my sensitive bladder , and pains in my leg ,) but the scan lady assured me nothing was wrong , but I still walked out crying , I believe that I had my bad luck 25 years ago when I had a tumour that took 8 hours to remove along with half my liver 😬, for anyone worried tumours can be benign I'm living proof . So I need to be reassured and stop making myself ill . have decided to start fundraising on behalf of all the ladies who are going thru this awful illness, I've just ordered a pack for Ovarian cancer fundraising which I will promote in my salon ,

Shanti shanti X

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  • Wahoo what great news... Google isn't our best friend is it lol... So pleased and congratulations on raising funds and awareness of this awful disease 😍😍

  • Great news and thank you for thinking of raising awareness and funds for Ovacome, they will definitely be put to good use

  • Glad for your news and long may it continue its great you are fundraising and making other women aware of OC,there are too many I come across that are totally unaware,

    Best wishes,

    Carole xxx

  • It's so lovely to hear more good news. I'm so happy for you that all is well. It must be such a huge relief. Thanks for your kindness in continuing to help other women who are not so lucky. Take care


  • That's good crews Shanti. I certainly wouldn't wish this disease on anyone so hearing you've got the all clear pleased me. Good luck with the fundraising. Ann x

  • Thank you xx

    Ps) shanti shanti means peace peace , just incase you thought it was my name , X

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