Hello ladies, my story so far, stage 3a borderline disease November 2012, full debulking with no further treatment and up until a year ago I was fine. Since then loads of stress with redundancy and a job with a spiteful office manager who made my life hell. That was when I started to develop IBS type symptoms, Ca125 also crept up to 77. I became very poorly with the IBS and made the decision to resign because my self esteem plummeted. I was so angry because I felt I had coped with everything else that had been thrown at me so well, but for some reason I couldn't cope with this horrible person. I had a few weeks off work to lick my wounds and my CA125 went down. Eventually I picked myself up and got myself another job. It was working for someone who has got a reputation for being a bit of a bi-ch but I took it because I needed to prove something to myself. Anyway , sorry I'm waffling, I will get to the point eventually, nearly five months late, I'm still there and loving it. My new boss and I get on really well and my self esteem is back where it should be. However, CA125 Keeps going up and down. I had a CT scan a month ago and very slight change near the diaghrafam so scan is going to be repeated in four months time. Im Ok with this as My Consultant knows what he's doing but my IBS has flared up again. I'm taking Medication for this which helps, but I've really been struggling this week. Even my boss commented at work yesterday at how tired I'm looking. I'm certain my IBS has flared up again because of the stress of waiting for scan results, but mentally I've accepted that nothing will be done for four months, so how come my body is stressing over it. I'm such a positive, happy person and I don't get it. Sorry to waffle on ladies, love Kerry

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  • Hi Kerry, goodness you have certainly been through the mill, but pleased to hear that you now are settled I. A new job with a nice boss. There us nothing worse than being miserable at work!

    I understand I.BS can be very stressful, and may be causing the problems you have at present. Have you thought about reflexology?this can be very beneficial for stress, and it is important that you build yourself up and dint have unnecessary worry which we all know may have adverse effects in our health.

    Stay strong, much love xxxxxx

  • Hi Kerry

    We have talked before.I am almost two years ahead of you and still feel that I am improving. These operations take a very long time to recover from ....I haven't developed anything else so far, but it has been a rough old ride. It's a real shame about your ca125, mine went down between the time I was diagnosed and operated on....Go Figure as our American friends would say.

    Try to hang on in there , time is a great healer xxxx

  • I'm fairly sure that your IBS could be causing the fluctuating CA125. I know that my levels rise when I have a GI upset. It seems your IBS is caused by stress - could you find a way of reducing stress by mindfulness, meditation, exercise or whatever? Avoiding spicy food can help, as can avoiding alcohol, otherwise I would have suggested a stuff drink for the stress. Best, Vx

  • Hello ladies, many thanks for your advice. I know I need to reduce my stress and I'm working on it. Today on my day off i took myself round to see my sister in law and we had a good old chin wag over coffee. I decided the housework could wait. I will have a look into reflexology JackieO. I'm not too concerned about my CA125 Charlie and Vipervictoria as I'm convinced it's up and down due to the IBS, I just don't understand why the IBS is bad at the moment because I don't feel particularly stressed. Aren't our bodies strange things !!

  • You have had a tough time, and had an emotional battering, and it would only be natural to be apprehensive about scan results and how you might cope if they weren't to your liking. That kind of work situation wears you down and makes you doubt your ability to cope. Be gentle with yourself. While we convince ourselves we are over something and doing fine, the body takes its time, it's a slower process for all its functions to settle down. That's my theory! I find acupuncture helpful for IBS. Also, a new targetted probiotic called Alflorex seems to help some people with IBS. Take care.

  • Hi, you may have already done this but have you tried keeping a food diary to see if anything specific triggers these episodes? I note you had surgery to your bowel at the time of your diagnosis. I know it can take quite a while for the bowel to settle down again after being man handled but I would have thought it should have settled in 2 years! My daughter has IBS and like you hers flares up if she is stressed but she has also found that semi skimmed milk has an adverse affect on her, as does green veg like broccoli or cabbage. I too imagine your CA125 levels are fluctuating due to the upset. Take care and let us know how you get on. Ann x

  • Hi Kerry, you've gone though so much it's hardly surprising your IBS is causing problems. Our bodies have a mind of their own no matter how much we try to control them! Be kind to yourself, treat yourself to something special or plan to go away for a break. Hope things settle down soon

    Best wishes

    Annette xxx

  • Hello ladies, many thanks for your advice. I'll have a look out for some Alflorex to see if that helps Marymacy. I will try the food diary as well thesilent1 as I noticed yesterday that I felt grotty after eating a white bread roll ( I normally eat granary bread), also I always have problems after eating broccoli. Hubby is booking tickets for us to see John Bishop in December Annette so I'm really looking forward to that. Love Kerry xxx

  • Try homeopathic ' cantharis 'which has helped three of my friends.

  • Thanks ging it's on my shopping list, Kerry xx

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