HI LADIES BIG news from being told by old oncologist that I will never have surgery .went to see new oncologist end of January 2015 she so please to see how well I was and my ca125 was fine told me that she see me in 4months ,than got a phone call of nurse specialist 4days later to go for a CT scan and then to see her the following Wednesday 11 February for results ,went the Wednesday and was informed that the oncologist had take the CT scan back to the surgical team for a look and an appointment had been made for the following Wednesday 18February for me to see the surgeon.Well the cancer has regressed more and I am having the surgery on 17 of March .😁 so please ladies any advice the does or don't s ,Annxx

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  • So pleased for you Ann. k x


  • So pleased for you to get the go ahead for surgery. They would not do this if they did not think they will get a good result. I too am stage 4, had to have chemo first as said was not an option as were unlikely to get a good result but said I had responded well to chemo. Was quite scared of the op but I did not need to be as it was OK. They make sure you are not in any pain and although they said my op would be big. It was amazing, virtually pain free, the rule being tell them if you have pain, was up and about 2nd day and home by day 4 pottering about without any pain relief just a couple of paracetamol at bedtime - as a precaution as did not want to wake myself up if a turned over!

    Good luck and keep us all posted.

  • Me to big op ,they are going to cut me from my breast bone to my pelvic bone .I don't know if that is usually the way 😕 xxx

  • My scar is about 8 inches above belly button so not quite as high but is right down to pubic bone. The scar is very neat, had shower with help from 2 nurses on day 2 and was just covered with a thin strip of gauze that one of the nurses peeled off when I was in the shower (or just before) it was just a thin red line could not hardly see any stitches. They gave me a post op epidural before I came round which they can leave in for up to 3 days but in my case just had for 24 hours. Then they gave me Tramadol, was in pain a bit when epidural worked off but they soon sorted me out, they dont want you to be in pain. They also like to get you out of bed asap so day after op they got me out of bed, sat me in chair and then walked with me to the loo. Then checked I could walk to the loo myself which I could so they took the catheter out. Was walking around quite a lot after that. Worst part for me by far was constipation day I came home so strongly recommend you take ALL the constipation meds they give you and make sure you have some Movicol at home (I took the max number of sachets which was 8 and was OK within 24 hours as had 'been'. If you have any questions please let me know. I am a bit of a wuss when it comes to pain like anyone else so please dont think I am under egging it I am being totally honest they will manage your pain you just need to make sure they know. The other meds I had at home was oralmorph but I have only took that occasionally for extreme restless legs a dar or two after a couple of chemos and I took that as I know it relaxes you and helps you sleep.


  • As Kazrazmatz said above, they do not like you to be in pain, so tell them! Before the op I was told I keep the epidural in for a few days if I wanted to, I was so relieved at that idea, as I too felt I could be a bit of a wuss with regards to pain. It was taken out less then 24 hours later, just asked for pain meds ( tramadol etc ) when I wanted and I was out of hospital before 3 days were up! The surgeon wanted me home asap because there was less chance of catching a bug at home!

    Constipation is your worst enemy, take a pillow with you to the toilet, it helps to support your tummy when you have to go. And use all the constipation meds they give you. ( by the way you will feel gas bubbling inside your tummy and that can be quite uncomfortable but normal as your bowels kick back into action)

    It was suggested peppermint tea helps with that, but can't say it did a lot for me!

    Good luck, it oddly makes you feel a bit better to have the op, as you can physically see things are being done.

    Dawn xx

  • My surgeon and the anaesthetist disagreed about the epidural so the choice was left to me. I am so glad I had it.

  • Got the peppermint tea today Dawn and I will take note about the pillow xxxAnn

  • I had a cyst size of a rugby ball, so they cut me from under breast bone to pelvic bone on 14th October 2014. Now on 28th February 2015 scar has nearly disappeared. I was and I am fit, so I heal quickly.




  • Yes it is a big cut but mine healed up quite well. Above my navel it's just a very narrow wiggly pink line and below a bit wider and puckers in very slightly. It has taken a while to get that insignificant though - don't worry if it's still obvious after a few months it does gradually fade some more.

  • Great news Ann they did similar with me no surgery possible then after chemo called me in to say surgery going ahead my cut was from belly button to groin I asked for pump for pain relief as dissent want to be waiting round for nurses fetch pain relief easier just push the button as I needed it hope all goes well x


  • Good news. I also had total hysterectomy with removal of ovaries appendix and omentum. As well as this site, i recommend you have a look at the hysterectomy association or its american equivalent hyster sisters and join the forum. Lots of good advice on it from people who have had hysterectomy for whatever reason and lists of dos and donts for after op. I found it very reassuring and helpful

  • WILL look at that site thank you xxxAnn

  • That's wonderful news Ann. When I had my surgery they needed to remove cancer from my diaphragm so my scar runs from pubic bone up to my breast bone but it's amazing how quickly it heals. Just be prepared to rest in the weeks following the op and have a few treats to eat and you will be fighting fit it no time. :-D take care of yourself between now and then. Love M B x

  • THANKS MB my husband and kids have me on super juice to get fighting fit but at the moment I fit for nothing 😁 XxxAnn

  • So pleased for you Ann. My advice, have a nightie for after surgery as you will most likely have a catheter in. When it comes out you can wear your PJs. I bought some lovely soft ones from M&S.

    You won't be able to lift anything more than a kettle with a couple of cups of water in it and no hoovering either. A short walk every day will help you build up your strength, not far, along the street and back. I'm sure your husband and daughter will do a grand job of looking after you. Maybe a craft project to work on while you recuperate would be nice too. I found a V shaped pillow helped for use in bed as it propped me up more and made it easier to get out of bed in the night if I needed the bathroom.

    I wish you all the luck of the Irish as you are having your surgery on St Patrick's Day. You'll be grand. Ann xo

  • THANKS Ann did not think about a nightie 😁 and yes Ann I knew it was paddys day as being from Liverpool and my grandad was Irish😉 what are we scouser,s called brothers cross the water .Last time I went to Dublin and any older gentleman heard me and my daughter Becky talk with our

    Liverpol accent that was their saying .much love Annxxxx

  • P.S Ann going out today to get nighies 😇

  • I'm Irish, never heard that expression, one to add to the list! The very best of luck with your surgery, I hope it goes very well. It's a great turn around.

    Take care


  • Hope all goes well,look forward to hearing from you during your and a big cyber hug.Bridie xxx

  • WILL let you know how I get no big hugs back xxxAnnn

  • Dear Ann

    What a lovely photo, and wonderful news that you can have surgery. It just goes to show how different the provision is in different hospitals. I was also told surgery was not an option at first recurrence, changed hospitals and they had a completely different approach. It was very reassuring to have access to the full range of treatments available.

    I'm sure you'll get loads of advice and good tips to prepare for surgery. I was told not to lift a thing for 6 weeks and this is imperative to allow the internal stitches to heal. I got quite a bit of wind after surgery so found peppermint tea very soothing, and as soon as you feel well enough to walk if you do have wind walking is the main way to get rid of it.

    Good luck, and well done for persisting. xxx Annie

  • THANKS Annie you are always there with good advice xxxAnn

  • That's great news, I had a big op and was cut from breast bone down my scar is14 inches but already 4 months on its faded so much. Pain relief as the other ladies have said was amazing no wants you to be hurting and I had no pain at al,l maybe a little uncomfortable when I got home but nurofen and lots of soft pillows sorted that xoxo

  • THANKS for the support xxxxAnn

  • Fantastic news Ann, I can only reiterate what's already been said. I was hooked up to an epidural for four days after my op and did have some pain when they took it away, due to trapped wind. The nurses just gave me an injection which took the pain away. A nightie is a must because of the catheter and I would also recommend taking in some wet wipes as I used them to freshen myself up. Good luck, Kerry xx

  • Got the wet wipes Kerry and thanks xxxxAnn

  • I have scar from left to right hip due to other complications and had 4 drains and catheter, was up on 2nd day showering on 3rd or 4th on my own. I was oral morphine free by day 5 only on paracetamol, that was jan 2012 . Had chemotherapy and radiotherapy after but I'm fine and healthy. Try and move around take all pain relief offered and follow what your body tells you. So glad the news was good and things going the right way for you, good luck, you'll be fine . MARILYN

  • Finished my first lot of chemo last June ,so this was such a shock as my first oncologist had no hope for me so thank s Marilyn xxxAnn

  • They sent me home from hospital 4 days after the surgery. It felt too soon but I was alright, with plenty of help. My partner rigged up a rope from the end of the bed to help me pull myslef up - I'd had a kind of rope ladder on the ward and that helped a lot.

  • Good idea about the rope 😉 but I think Ste my husband would use it to tie me down to stop me do things ,as I use to get up at 2 -3am on chemo and do my ironing 😉 xxxAnn

  • What a relief that must be for you and your family. I was cut from my belly button down to my previous hysterectomy scar so I have an 'anchor' scar now! I recovered really well, much better than when I had hysterectomy over 30 yrs ago. I don't know if it's the same for everyone but psychologically I felt the cancer had gone after surgery.

    Take care.

    Annette xxx

  • Thank you Annette my daughter is 25 and is handling not to bad ,my son is 18 and hates the hospital ,he doesn't want me to stay in for the 4 days ,I think I am as frightened as much as he is .xxxxAnn

  • Ann, heres some good advice my uncle gave me from when he had heart surgery. He said he was scared but decided you need to make a conscious effort to have faith and put yourself in their capable hands. The minute I got to the hospital a wave of peace came over me and I felt safe. OK was a little bit scared but with a 'Right lets get this done with'. My op was first thing so I got to the hospital at 8am, a lovely nurse took care of me and then she walked me to the theatre with my husband. I was back on the ward in what seemed like a nano second, sitting up in bed feeling fine and my husband was with me (it was mid afternoon by then). I was asking my husband to go buy me some mini cheddars and some sweets as felt hungry (when my sister came to visit a bit before evening visiting time I was sitting up on Facebook eating my sweets). She asked me if I should be eating sweets so I told her I was starving as they had not given me anything to eat all day! She said you will be getting your tea soon, I said I cant wait for that I was starving. The surgeon came to see me at that moment and was advising me not to drink my fizzy pop in case I was sick but I had already had some and was not sick. I think they automatically give you a pump to press for pain relief but I dont remember pressing it as was OK, legs were a bit numb but it did not feel weird, it was OK. It was really an amazing experience. OK might have had some discomfort in the ensuing days but nothing too bad except the dreaded constipation.

  • Hi Ann

    That is wonderful news.

    Make sure you look after yourself before op and try and stay away from people with colds ect.

    Nightie is essential. Definitely take the pain relieve given. Try and keep would dry I was not warned about this and had a few problems getting it to heal. When coming home make sure you have a pillow to hold against stomach to support it.

    Constipation is a problem so take the medicine early don't wait till it gets painful.

    I got a travel kettle for when I got home as they are small and light and you can then start making your own tea a bit sooner.

    Don't overdo it. Please don't try to do housework until it says in leaflet. I know you feel you can but a friend of mine started hoovering early and has had problems so it really is not worth it.

    Try and do a bit of gentle walking as I'm sur this helps with bowels.

    Good luck


  • Got the constipation covered super juices 😇 xxxAnn

  • Such hopeful good news, Ann. Hope all goes well and you quickly recover.

    Love and Best Wishes, Solange

  • Thanks solange I also hope it goes well very scared xxxAnn

  • Justcread the comment about a travel kettle, I used a pump flask and my son filled it up for me each morning, DON'T forget the jug of milk, picking a milk bottle or carton up hurts.Marilyn

  • THANKS Marilyn xxxAnn

  • So pleased for you, I had surgery last november and though it was a shock for me (I went straight from diagnosis to surgery and as yet no other treatment) I've found my recovery to be quite quick. I took the pain meds took it easy, no lifting etc, and was up and about in no time.

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