Hi I'm just sharing a picture of my eyebrows , I had them tattooed because my eyebrows (see pic) were very fair ,

However I am Not going thru what you ladies are , I joined this group when I was going for tests ( all ok ) but The lady that did mine says she does eyebrows for cancer patients , so it must safe ,

It cost £230 but worth ever penny

Just thought I'd share X

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  • Amazing,may well be doing that myself! Mine haven't grown back very well and I'm fed up with pencilling them in,did it hurt?

    Carole xx

  • Hi Carole , the first time you go is the base coat and then 6 weeks later you go again for the top up ,

    They use numbing cream , and everyone's pain threshold is different , I'm a wimp ! But it's bearable , and worth the results

    Anyone in Lancashire I can recommend someone , or anyone who doesn't mine travelling , for something like this you need to research and look at work they have already done


  • They look good!

  • They look fantastic! x

  • I had mine done courtesy of my daughter, it made me wince but was well worth the white knuckles they look fabulous now my own have gone.😀

  • Hi, eyebrows look great, been thinking about it for years but never had the courage

    Could you inbox me contact details so I can get some more information please. Living in Wales and they may have some contacts here

    My eyebrows have not grown back yet but were never very good after plucking in the seventies. Being fair didn't help much.

    Glad you are OK

    Linda x

  • Hi could you inbox me I'm not sure how to do it

    I'm new x

  • Hi, just below the reply is a help just press and it explains how to do it. Never used either.😊

  • Hi I sent a reply did you get it x

  • Hi. Just thought I d add my eyebrows are growing in every direction so I first dyed them and then tried a little hair wax to tame them' which does seem to be working. X

  • Wow! I am very tempted to have mine done- I have virtually lost all of mine through having an under active thyroid.

  • OMG they look fabulous.. I am so jealous.

    Best wishes

  • Really nice job well done

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