Another trip to the ER

Went today for a STAT CT of chest Abdomen and Pelvis. Nothing new as far as the tumor goes in the uterus and on the ovary but have nodule in liver and multiple nodules in lungs. Won't know what that means as far as surgery next Thursday until my ONC looks at the scans. As far as ER doctor is concerned the swelling in my legs and feet is nothing but over load of IV fluids from being in the hospital and it should continue to improve the next few days and have to just keep a watch on the heart palpitations due to the doctors don't see a reason to have them. Heart is good. So now just continue to rest until hysterectomy next week. Thanks for all the well wishes. And words of encouragement. This is a awesome group of ladies.

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  • Hi Jess, Glad you find that you are encourage by the ladies on here it dose help to correspond with someone who can understand what you are going through and we all do .

    As you said now just rest and I'm sure you will face the next step a positive attitude.

    All the best for next week Lorraine xx🎉🎉

  • Good luck with your surgery.

  • Thank you so much

  • Hi Jess, just want to wish you well for your op next Thursday. Hope all goes well. With love and a hug, Solange 😊💐

  • Thanks so much

  • Best of luck for your surgery xx

  • Thank you. Hoping it will go smoothly

  • The upside to the trip to ER is now your onc will have the latest and greatest info. In the meantime do rest. I don't know your limitations but if you can do some walking between now and next week it should help with the recovery process as they should have you have you walking after surgery, to get things moving along. Know that you will be in thoughts and well wishes for a speedy recovery.

  • Glad to hear that things will improve although slowly. It is good to communicate with others along the same road. So rest as much as you can and perhaps a shopping trip to buy what you need for a hospital stay. Good luck with the surgery, I know its a worry but you will feel better every day post surgery

  • I really hope so. My only concern prior to surgery is at my age my ONC has recommended to leave one ovary for hormones. With the cancer and all the cysts and problems I have had I am really concerned over this. But I also don't want to have to take high levels of hormones related to my family risk of breast cancer. I'm still waiting on my BRCA 1 and 2 test but there are like 8 women in my family with it so I'm not likely to be negative lol but I'm going to trust his judgement because a lot of ladies I have talked to have brought a lot of other info my way that sounds like it may be the less of two evils to just leave the ovary. But worried none the less of possible recurrence in that ovary. But I'm just going to pray that God will lead me threw it. Thank you all so much for your words of encouragement. And yes I think my mom and me are gonna hit the stores this weekend and get a couple things that I used while in hospital last week for some TLC prior to this upcoming surgery. Once I'm there I won't be scared anymore it is just the waiting. Waiting is torture

  • I agree its the waiting but you will be okay, its the thought of the whole thing but its not as bad as you may think

  • Right. Lol. Almost there though. Going to try and stay busy with the kids this week so I can keep my mind of it lol

  • Good luck luv. Totally rest after op, let nurses help. I hurtled out of bed, got a paper, Doc nearly fainted when he saw me propped up reading!

    Spent 3 days sick. Foolish.

    Slowly slowly.

  • I will. Thank you so much

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