Age 45 menopausal , had bleed after 15 months . On Monday I had a hysteroscopy, doctor said cervix and womb look normal . He took a biopsy and smear , because my last smear 3 years ago said borderline . He told me not to worry because he couldn't see anything , however he said I will have a scan done , which was 2 weeks off but I've just rang and asked for a cancellation and got one this Friday . I feel ok apart from my bladder feeling like I want to wee more often , and achy legs like restless leg syndrome , wondering if he saw something and that's why he wants the scan or is it just not cutting corners , worried sick 😥

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  • Hi I know you are probably worried sick but the way to look at it is if (and I stress IF) there is anything there at least he is not just leaving you. Hopefully if the scan comes back clear then at least you are re-assured. If you had not had a scan and were just left it would be a lot worse. I have everything crossed for you xx Kathy

  • Thank you , can't help but worry X

  • Trust me I know but try to remember that worrying won't change anything so take each day and try to think positive. xx

  • Thanks so much for replying to my precious post , the scan today was ok , I've just got to wait on smear results now X

  • When they do a hysteroscopy and they say everything looks normal is that a good indication , that the overies are ok or would the cervix and womb look normal anyway

  • I had normal hysteroscopy but my cancer was in ovary ... Try not to worry tho everyone is different 😍

  • What were your symptoms X

  • I had constant bleeding went to GP who requested ultra sound they found a mass. Had normal hysteroscopy and smear then developed further symptoms of bloated stomach and pains plus I could not eat much. Didn't have any bladder problems at all really.

  • Thank u, your all very kind taking the time to reply , I'm constantly in tears at the minute , which could be connect to my hormones X

  • No problem we have all been there and know what your going through... There is light at the end of the tunnel 😍

  • I can relate to the hormone thing-the menopause was the pits. Try to look at it this way-if you didn't have the scan, you would only worry that they might have missed something. Hang on in there, try not to worry and keep in touch with us-we are all here for you.


    Lou xxxxxxxxxxx

  • Thanks so much it's just this going to loo , it's like when your pregnant , and you need to go , trying to think it could just be a sensitive bladder X

  • Could you have an infection? Urinary infections can also affect your mood.

    Lou xxxxx

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