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First chemo today post-surgery

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En-route to London as I write for my first chemo session post-surgery. Seems too soon in some ways as this is the first time I've left the house since being discharged from the hospital. I've not even been out of bed much before 10/11am so the 6am alarm call was a bit of a shock!

Meeting with Oncologist first, presumably to assess how well I'm doing, and to discuss this next stage of the treatment plan.

This is my second bout of chemo, as I had 8 weekly sessions pre-surgery, mostly Taxol with 3 sessions of Carboplatin & 2 of Avastin. Am sort of assuming it'll be the same this go round.

Have made a brief list of questions to ask her, which mostly consist of what's the plan post-chemo if everything goes according to plan. If anyone has any constructive advice, I'm all ears. It's difficult sometimes to think about what I should be asking. I tend to 'trust' in her knowledge & experience as she is one of the leading Oncologists in her field, whereas (apart from knowing my own body) I'm prob a novice!

Here's hoping I cope with this next enslaught, & the side effects are no worse than they were before!

At least it's the weekend!! Good health to all

Sarah xxx

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Good luck Sarah hope it goes well 😘😘

Wow early start too, do you have far to travel for your chemo?

Hope all goes well, you may have some side effect aches and pains from healing and chemo combined- normal but if concerned then call your Unit.

On the homeward track now which is fantastic- you GO!

Get comfy and relax as much as possible today

Take care

Clare 👊👏

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SarahsJourney in reply to Choski

Thanks Clare, how are you doing? Home now I see?

Yes, we travel to London from Oxfordshire.

Confirmed that I'll do another round, but will continue with the Avastin on a 3 weekly basis once the weekly cycles are over.

My CA125 is at a pretty good level, & she thinks I'm doing very well.


Have a safe trip, and rest up this weekend xx

Best of luck with it! I think it's good to be able to trust your Onc but that should mean that you can also ask questions and get answers. I did find the side effects increased a bit for my post surgery chemos but its bearable because the end is in sight! Lxx

Best of Luck Sarah!


Hope it all goes well for you today. It does make for a long day before you get home but at least it's today and not a tube-strike day.

Are you having the same chemo as before the op? I found the ones after seemed to affect me more but whether that was because I wasn't quite so mobile as a result of the op, or whether it was merely the cumulative effect of the chemo, I don't know.

All the best!

Yes, same as before. Hoping the effects are approx the same...I can cope with that, just about x

Best wishes and good luck 🎉🎉

All the best for today . Hope the side effects are minimal. Kathy xx

Good luck for today, you'll possibly be a little tired after your first trip out post op but get lots of rest when you get home. I suppose it's not too bad when you already know what the chemo is like, fingers crossed you cope as well as before. Sending big hugs and lots of love ❤xx Jane

Wishing you all the best xx

Glad you were pleased with todays consultant gosh you were up early wishing you the best for the rest of your treatment and you will manage it Plenty of rest combined with a few walks here and there. Bet it was strange to be out and about after surgery but you did it,

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I've made up for it today lol didn't get out of bed till 2:30pm!! Had a wonderful 3hr sleep this morning which my body obviously needed! Yes, am hoping to build my walking up. Am only managing around the house st the moment, not quite brave enough (or strong enough) yet to go outside for walk, but I've signed up to Cancer Research walk 10,000 steps a day in March so I've got a goal to strive for 😁 Xxx

Good luck Sarah. As I seem to get my posts a day later than everybody else you have probably already been there , done that ! If you have I hope it all went well and that you are back home with not too many side effects..


Hey Molly, apart from feeling a bit more tired (& a little bit emotional) I'm doing fine. As always I do feel very lucky xxx

I'm glad it went ok for you Sarah as sometimes the anticipation is worse than the reality. Not sure if that makes sense but I do find that my projection of how things will happen and feel is never right. That does not take away from the side effects but you deal with them in the moment. It looks like you have a very good oncologist and that is such a blessing believe me. Let us know how you go on. Take care and you know everyone here is there for you .


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