Hi Guys, Hope you all as well as you can be on this sunny Satuarday. Had debulking surgery in November , finished chemo in Jan 2016 and had 2nd follow up appoint on Fri . Everything is good and I cannot say how lucky I feel my heart goes out to the women on this site who are not been so lucky at the moment. Have a minor problem, the oncologist has told me I have an incisional hernia and he wants to watch and wait, I am now wondering is this the usual procedure. Should I be referred to a surgeon??

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  • I have a hernia too. Had my surgery in November to remove pelvic tumour. They said they won't operate unless it causes problems so watch and wait. They are sending someone to fit me a support belt though


  • I too have one - they think it's caused by scarring etc. Mine isn't bothering me too much so we are just leaving it. X

  • HI Dryden 1 I am glad all is going well for you. I never had a hernia so cant help you apart from you shouldnt lift anything heavy. Maybe they think it might resolve if they want to watch and wait. Perhaps they want to let it a full twelve months before you have more surgery. Wishing you well

  • Hi,

    I had hysterectomy in late April and am now going through chemo.

    I went to my GP a couple of weeks ago as I could feel something hard behind my scar, and was told that it was an incisional hernia. I have left a message with my surgeon (not heard back) and spoken to the chemo nurse who said that this wasn't unusual.

    It does not seem to be of much concern unless it worsens. Like you I was told to monitor it, otherwise not to worry unduly.

  • Hi, I had a multiple hernia repair operation twelve months after the original surgery. It was major surgery lasting 3 hours and the cut was right down the original TAH scar plus a little bit more. The results have been very successful. Was it worth it? I'm not sure! I have been told the mesh repair would make any further abdominal surgery more tricky and it meant having another 6 weeks off work. If it isn't troubling you too much and isn't in danger of strangulation, I'd wait.

    All the very best. Sandra x

  • Hi, I have one too, I think its common and they don't like operating unless there is a problem.


  • Hi i had one but mine was bulging out far too much. I finally got a surgeon to repair it thank goodness.

  • Thank you all for your advice ,so it is watch and wait for the immediate future. I have decided to take some action and loose some weight that as creeped on in the last 8 months due to comfort eating. So no mor snacks such as crisps and my favourite cheese.

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