Hernia or recurrence?

Ladies has anybody experienced stomach/reflux symptoms? Been in remission since January after stage 2C. Now worried OC spread to my diaphragm or stomach. Had complete debaulking and 6 cycle carbo/taxol last year, could the treatment have weaken my diaphragm/stomach? Have routine CT scan tmo with bloods and three month check up to follow that in two weeks. All will be revealed then no doubt, but the waiting is probably the worst part. Been doing really well, now having a bit of a wobble and really worried my remission is coming to an end. :(

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  • Hi Sarah

    I have reflux but I know I have a hiatus hernia. It occurred first when I was pregnant with my son 46 years ago but did not give trouble again until I was in my 50's. I now have lansoprazole to reduce stomach acid and it seems to work. Ask your specialist nurse if they removed the omentum or had to scrape the diaphragm when they did the debulking. I opted to get copies of all the letters sent to my GP and look up all the words I do not understand on Google.

    I also find extra strong mints are good for reflux!


  • Margaret - thanks for your advise, will get some extra strong mints! When I had my debalking they took out the omentum. I did not have any tumour, just microscopic disease in ovary & fallopian tubes with cells in the wash, everything else was clear. I have got all the paperwork relating to my treatment, so like you I know exactly what they did.

    Thank you fingers crossed it's a hernia!


  • Hi Sarah

    I was dx in september with stage 2c.i am undergoing treatment (taxol/carboplatin) I have the same symptoms , before my debulking I never had stomach problems! Hopefully it is the aftermath of the op and debulking .


  • Hi Sarah

    My big beef these days is extra strong mints only come in small rolls I used to buy big bags because I found them better than gaviscon!


  • Sarah,

    I had TAH, omentectomy, lymph node dissection etc in Oct 09 for Stage 1 Borderline OC and now suffer from reflux regularly. I know I have a hernia - they are not sure if its an epigastric or incisional one despite having scan recently but are leaving it well alone at the mo. I too am eating mints like they are going out of fashion!!

    I am sure you are worrying needlessly - like us all on here - but I do know that any symptoms are worrying. Hoping all goes well when you are seen and don't forgot to update us Sarah.

    Hugs to you for now,


  • Thanks so much Ladies for all your helpful advise and support, gets you through the wobbly times! :)

  • Hi Sarah,

    I have been in remission since june this year and doing well, started exercising back at the gym and after one slightly more energetic session have been suffering from the same symptoms as yourself.I had a check up 2 weeks ago and my bloods were normal ,oncoclogist was perplexed by problem, but appears from reading about yourself and responses this can be a symptom post surgery .I find a light diet is the only relief.Thanks for raising this.


  • CarolnR - that is interesting. I have also upped my exercising(cycling) since September - almost matches the time I have been suffering reflux, pains in breast bone, pains between my shoulders, feeling of 'lump' in my throat. Have you had a similar experience? SarahM

  • been in remission since March 11, upped my exercise and racing around looking after family in last few weeks. since then I've had daily reflux and feeling of lump in my throat. today I have period type pains so have put my feet up. Probably been overdoing things but can't help worrying.

  • Hi Sarah, I had gradually been increasing my exercising and after one particular session had clearly pulled muscles in my stomach as i was in a lot of discomfort and have suffered from this problem since. I have intermittent sore throat and yes a sensation of a blockage in the throat. I did have tingling around the shoulder blades but experienced that through treatment and my oncologist feels it is nerve damage pain which i am sure it is, as i was a nurse and experienced in descriptions and causes of pain.I am thinking of seeing if i can see the gynaecologist who operated on me to discuss the indigestion sensation. It is difficult to know how much to exercise as the specialists encouraged it and research shows it reduces recurrence of disease .

    Keep in touch and let me know how you get on.

    Carolyn x

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