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Seeing consultant 7 months after CT scan re hernia

I'm having a I'm fed up with this all few days and feeling very sorry for myself, I'm not having chemo but have had problems after my tah and am just fed up with the pain. Sorry to moan but I know you ladies will know where I am coming from.

Thankfully tomorrow I am seeing a consultant about the hernia only 7 months after my ct scan! I am worried incAse there is cancer lurking which is why I've got hip pain and my tummy feels so sore.

Do you think the hernia will have grown ? It wAs described as a large anterior hernia back then but my hip pain wakes me most nights , I can only manage about 4 to 5 hrs solid sleep

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It could be that something is hitting off your sciatic nerve and causing the pain or its scar tissue but distressing never the less, I hope you get some answers and maybe ask for an mri. Best wishes


Hi there..

Where you told that you didn't have the disease? I can't remember but it's a while ago so I hope you forgive me. Maybe it was borderline.

Anyway, I can understand your worries.

The smaller the hernia, the more difficult it can be in terms of causing strangulation. It's ironic as the bigger hernia would appear to cause the most worry.

I've had a few hernias in the past. Personally, I think they're best dealt with but a lot of women with Ovarian are managed conservatively and they are left. I don't think enough time is given to the idea that having a hernia can affect body image. No matter where we are with this disease, we don't want to have another thing to deal with.

I'm not sure what is causing you pain. Have you seen your GP? It might help to put your mind at rest. Just be open and honest about your fears. Xx


You should not have to live with pain . Instead of suffering and wondering " what could it possibly be " ask for check ups and get to the bottom of it . ask "what can be done " ? This is what NHS is for ......not for gastric bands and IVF for couples ....

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Thank you. I am getting more assertive in my doctors visits, and I am waiting for a ct scan appointment to come through.

When I see the consultant tonight I will tell him my fears, and see what he says x


Hi Carol,

Sorry to hear you're so uncomfortable, hopefully the scan will give them a clearer picture of how they can help you with pain relief, and maybe put your mind at rest. I understand its a never ending worry that every niggle is going to lead back to cancer, I'm trying hard to focus on the future, look forward to things and appreciate that I'm still here....

If you ever fancy a chat, I'm only down the road!

Take Care

Andrea xx


My Hospital appointment went like this in summary with a few other words said ...

Have you lost any weight since Mr Lim referred you. Ummm no.

( I desperately need to lose weight I'm a size 22. 5ft 6 )

Not sure why you are in pain it shouldn't be the hernia so when were you scanned/followed up by the cancer team last ? Now my mind is thinking oh shit the cancer is back ...

I'll arrange a scan to see how wide the hernia now is, if we operate it will mean a cut down your existing scar and will be a big operation - feel like crying at this point as was expecting keyhole to be offered .

So he's arranging the scan , check nothing untoward and how big the hernia is , seeing me again in 4 months

Left hospital feeling Eff you Cancer for doing this to me lol


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