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Hernia prevention after an abdominal hysterectomy

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I am looking for some advice please.

I have ready many posts where women comment that they have had a hernia after having had a hysterectomy and I wondered if there is anything that puts some women more at risk of a hernia than others?

Also, is there any advice that anybody could share which may prevent me from having a hernia?

Also for the women who have had a hernia what were the signs and symptoms that you experienced that led you to realise that you may have a hernia?

Thank you for any advice.

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After major surgeries, incisional hernia can happen and for a variety of reasons . On the patients side of things, we've been told not to lift anything heavier than a very small kettle and for 8 weeks after surgery, to rest and to take things easy until the wound has properly healed from inside, too.I hope all goes very well for you.

I followed the rules but still got a hernia ! Think its down to luck or bad luck !¬

It is multi-faceted. It can also be due to the surgeon's skills, the abdominal muscles and the incision itself.

hello. hernias are common w hysterectomies regardless of cancer. 1/3 of women will get them. they present as bulges, after surgery frequently horizontally along the navel; also could be inguinal, along the lower left or right abdomen. here in france docs recommend that post surgery one wears an abdominal brace for at least 2 months altho mine said 6 months and to this day i wear support pants. you need to be careful not to lift more than they recommend but also not to stretch too intensely. hope this helps hugs from paris

FYI there’s an article on abdominal support in the latest Ovacome magazine..which is probably available on the website.

Hi Sarah,I was very careful for 6 months. But 18 months post op I had a bad cough for 2 weeks and tore it open then. Felt like being stabbed with a knife. It often happens where they cut around the umbilicus. The healed incision is never as strong as the original tissue, so will always be a weak point. Just be careful as you can. Take care. Stephanie

Hi SarahBaI’m 6 weeks out of hernia surgery after my hysterectomy my incision staples became infected that coupled with starting chemo it didn’t heal properly. I actually didn’t know I had a hernia until my CT scan when I finished my last treatment in October 2021 no symptoms thought I could put it off within 4 months it started growing no discomfort but I could feel it wanting to get back to exercise after this journey I opted to get it repaired outpatient robotic surgery looking back wish my surgeon would of stressed wearing the abdominal binder 6-8 weeks.

The advice given us not to lift weights, the best way to deal with this is to do seriously and as regularly as you can the pelvic floor exercises, they work in a non loading manner the abdominal muscles. After 3 weeks get a physiotherapist to give you a progressive loading program. And an abdominal sorry belt will help you with walking straight and give feedback that your abdominal wall is able to sort you when standing. Actually standing without moving is probably more difficult than walking. Discomfort is ok, pain is not.

I think there is a lack of advice on this

I hope all goes ok.

I am 14 weeks post surgery and I'm practically back to my normal level of exercise


Hi Dolphinsurfer,

I agree with you completely I'm in the states from what I've read which from my experience I can attest that it seems like the UK does a much better job educating patients providing exercises prior to the hysterectomy and suggestions like following up with a Physiotherapist 3 weeks after that was never suggested to me I was not given a belt after surgery I bought one on Amazon,

I bought mine in Amazon as well. I am very lucky i work with physiotherapists and my area of work is sports medicine, hence the advice. Kindly

Have a quick question since this is your area of expertise I'm now 7 weeks post op from my hernia and a year from my debulking hysterectomy could pelvic floor therapy and core strengthening like Pilates be a benefit for me?

Definitely!!!! Starting with gentle pilates. Try to see a physio with interest in women's health first to assess your pelvic floor properly. It can be fine through the NHSI hope all is ok

Thank you so much! I'm in the States but before this journey when going thru menopause had pelvic floor therapy helped tremendously.

Hello SarahBa,

Thank you very much for your post. I can see that you have had a number of informative responses already, but I just wanted to jump in to share a link to the article in the Ovacome magazine that Lyndy mentioned: ovacome.org.uk/Handlers/Dow... The article is on page 13.

It important to remember to always seek professional advice and speak with your clinical team to ensure that support garments are appropriate for your own individual situation.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if we can help with any further information. You can contact us by calling 0800 008 7054, by emailing support@ovacome.org.uk or by sending us an instant message through the pink ‘Can we help’ box on our website ovacome.org.uk.

Best wishes,


Ovacome Support

Hi Sarah, I've had debulking surgery and only reading your post didn't realise I was at risk of having a hernia, but strange thing was, I was told some years ago I had one although not serious and since my surgery, that area actually feels better so maybe it's gone or been helped in someway. You've got some great advice though so good luck x

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