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hi ladies feeling a bit of a wobble coming on. A potted history to date. 2011 diagnosed oc surgery then 6 rounds carbo taxol. Staged 1c grade 2 mucinous ardenocarcinoma. 2014 recurred pelvic wall same site surgery not all got out. No chemo refused radio therapy due to bowel complications during surgery. On watch. November 2015 problems after urinating. Painkillers, could be adhesions, Feb 2016 more pain ct ok but pain increasing and lasting longer.....more pain killers. Scan appt June 4now on every type of painkiller known to man husband in hospital on round chemo for stem cell transplant at kings July 18 call from oncologist Monday after mdt on Friday recuured on bladder had pet Tues MRI today husband still in hospital and transplant put back. Surgery mooted as option for me once and surgeon to review scans at mdt next week. Now feeling totally overwhelmed

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  • Oh my goodness you are going through the mill in all sides. Not only are you trying to cope and face your own news but you are worrying about your lovely hubby. You have so much going on, can you sort these things and decisions into ' must face' ' acknowledge but can't do now Ir not in my decision area' or titles like that? That could in some small way help,you see what you CAN DO or INFLUENCE and what you just need to be aware of.

    Can you call the OvaCome helpline (post today re telephone lines) , is there a MacMillan near you or can you call them to chat this through? I think (in my humble opinion) that You need to share and be able to process everything you've heard, it's too much to try and sort all together.

    Email your Surgeon or ring his office to ask that your scan is reviewed as soon as possible and let them know that you are dealing with so much that you need clarity in at least one area of your life.

    Lastly take time to sit and relax, take some deep breaths, go outside and walk around your garden (if you have one) and find something beautiful to look at it to smell, these little things can help break the cycle of HELPME and you need to find your calmer side again.

    Sending you positive thoughts and a big virtual HUG (((X)))

    Let us know how you feel later and how you are getting on, hugs to your hubby too

    Take care, you are important

    Clare X

  • thank for your kind words choski my sense of humour is coming back so I can see some light😊 I cant walk in the garden I have sprained my ankle lol but I can smell the flowers. I bumped into my surgeon while visiting my husband yesterday and he gave me a cuddle checked I had enough painkillers and will look at the new scans next Friday. I will rung my local hospice who are helping martin through his leukemia see if they can get me some counselling. I have gained so much reading how brave you all are on here and it keeps me positive. Xxx

  • Hi No wonder you are feeling overwhelmed, not sure many people would cope with what you are having to at the moment. Just wanted to wish you and your hubby all the best and hope things improve for you both soon. Sending you a big hug . Kathy xx

  • Gosh, and a sprained ankle! You have so much to cope with I hope you do get some counselling soon and that you can find time to relax, perhaps with some calming music. Wishing both you and your husband all the best. Helen

  • Gosh, Clare has already said it all but I'd like to add my wishes for strength, health and love to you. Sandra X

  • I'm sure all will turn out well in the end and you will get the strength to kick these problems. My wife also has same initial diagnosis as yours Stage 1C mucinous, undergone 6 cycles carbo/taxol. Aren't they putting you on Folfox chemo? For mucinous tumours after recurrence they are now giving Folfox chemo instead of carbo/taxol. It is already given for GI tract tumours.

  • I haven't heard of follow I did not have any chemo after the last recurrence was offered radio but body was not really up to it my on one told me recently that they thought about chemo but decided against it and just watch and wait. It looks like they are going to try surgery again but I also have decided to ask for back up chemo this time I will ask about folfox I can't have taxol any more as I developed grade 3 neuropathy with taxol first time round. My husband is now out of hospital ready to go into kings for his stem cell transplant and very positive just hope we don't end up in different hospitals at the same time.😳 thanks for your kind words x

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