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In need of a it of food news

Just come back from prof to be told my latest scan showed marginal growth. I was doing well after 5 tumour had shrunk but now after 8 has grown slightly. This is my 4 th line chemo and the first not to finish in remission. Both my husband and I are struggling to remain positive which we normally are. To compound things I have. Clot on the lung which needs to be sorted before more treatment. My question is anyone been like this and went onto have a different chemo which worked.

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Hi Michelle, look its only marginal growth, he may do a watch and wait or just start while you are well enough to have chemo. They all differ in their approach. There are other chemos out there. I would imagine the prof will do the best possible for you. You have to get the clot sorted first which is a nuisance. So far I have been lucky, I have got a break between treatments. Do you have a gynae liason nurse you can ring tomorrow for a chat or perhaps ring your CNS in your oncology unit. You and hubby have to stay positive, I know that is easy for me to say in the circumstances. sending you kind thoughts


Thanks Suzuki. What you say is very true. Thanks for your kind words


There are many treatments, like Gemzar which I have had twice, and I know Caelyx is also around and Topectocan. We are hoping here that the Parp trial will prove successful and it will be brought on stream during the year.


Hi, I'm sorryvi can't be of help answering your question. I just want you to know I'm thinking of you. Good luck. Ann xo

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Hi Michelle,like you I finished 1st line chemo,then on maintenance Avastin Cancer progressed,then 2nd line chemo finished Dec,reduced tumours and CA 125.there are girls here on 4-5 line chemo.Try not to worry ,I know it's a very difficult thing to do,but,your on the start of your journey not the finish! 😀xx


Thank you ladies for your kind words and support This is my 4 th line chemo. I was also on avastin for a year but ca125 rose. I know there's more drugs out there and trying to remain positive. Just having a wobble


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