Results day tomorrow and i have a question 😊

Hi everyone.... This place really is invaluable. Thank you so much. I have now had my hysteroscopy and colonoscopy (came back with severe diverticular disease but no colon cancer yay). My uterus was very enlarged and difficult to access and i am having a radical hysterectomy on the 30 June whatever the histology. I have my follow up appointment tomorrow evening with the gyne oncologist and just wondered whether i would have heard from him in the last week or so since the op if the histology had come back showing cancer or whether he will have waited to talk to me face to face tomorrow? I do know ca 125 markers are up in the hundreds now but have been reaserching on the net and that may be a result of the diverticular disease. Some of you may rememberi had my ovaries and fallipian tubes removed last year as a result of very hight tumor markers and family history of ovarian cancer but there was no evidence of disease. I just wondered what other peoples experience has been when getting results....

Hope all this waffle makes sense and thanks again 😊

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  • Oh Katie. Looks like you have the night before jitters. Believe me we have all suffered from them. You are nearly there, try to stay clam. If you have questions write them down beforehand so you don't have to remember them on the spot. You are not waffling, all your concerns are genuin. However if you can, take a deep breath and try to relax. wishing you all the best for tomorrow.



  • Thanks so much.... I am usually so calm and to be honest i just want to be prepared. My husband is coming along and i need to make sure he is ok... He absolutely believes that there cant be anything wrong because we would have heard from the consultant already 🙄 Thanks again xx

  • I understand entirely and you are doing great but you cannot put any more pressure on yourself either. All Onc's are different so who knows what your guy/girl may think regarding delivering results. Good news is that the day has arrived and you will be getting them tomorrow. Writing out any questions you may have is a good idea. It was advice I was offered here on this site many moons ago :) I'll be thinking of you tomorrow xxx Trish

  • Many thanks Trish

  • Good luck for today , thinking of you and hope all those fears are put to rest.

    Ellsey xx

  • Good luck !

  • Thanks guys.... Appointment not til 6pm so will keep busy til then xx

  • No evidence of disease yay! They think the increase in ca 125 may be linked to my severe diverticular disease... What a relief. I am still having the radical hysterectomy on the 30 June but at the moment all is well. Thanks so very much xxx

  • That is good news now breathe!


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