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Anyone experienced a late (7 years) recurrence of OC in chest?

I had OC in 2005, and had a hysterectomy and chemo...with successful remission until May this year when the CA125 went up to 39 this kick started scans which eventually revealed 3 small tumors in my chest.

I have recently had chest surgery....not nice! And now I am waiting to see the oncologist on Thursday for further plan of action. Histology has revealed tiny dots of disease around the tumors, I am guessing this means more chemo...been dreading this but guess it looks inevitable now.

I am 41...oncologist keeps telling me this is very, very rare...they said the same first time around, I was 35 when first diagnosed.

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Sorry to read your experience!

I gather from reading the experiences of others on here and in other places, that a good response to treatment first time around bodes well for a good response second time too. It is awful to have to go through all this, but here's hoping for another long remission (40yrs!?) afterwards.

Do all you can to support and boost your immune system.

Wishing you the very best.



Thank you Isadora, a positive look at it all x


Hi Diane

So sorry you are going through this awful time,I am thinking of you and sending you my best wishes x G x


Hi very sorry...I have just finished second line know what you have to go through...but you will do and feel good the other wishes..florence!


Hi Diane

I am 41 too. I was 29 when first diagnosed and my remissions have been long in OC terms, usually around 5 years. I have been told by a professor at Barts that when you get it young, it tends to not be so aggressive, taking its time to come back.

Mine came back on my bowel 5 years after hysterectomy and carbo taxol chemo.

Surgery removed this 2nd tumor and I was given carbo/taxol chemo again. It was another almost 5 years before I recurred again. Finished my 3rd line in Feb 2010.

I am so disappointed for you to recur after all this time. But you obviously reacted well to your 1st line chemo and so it is likely that you will have the same reaction to any further chemo, ie a nice long remission.

Hope your appointment with the oncologist means you now know what treatment you are now going to have.

Take care




Thanks for your reply. That's quite a journey you have been on.

My appointment resulted in radio rather than chemo therapy which I am happy about. Just need to keep on keeping on right now. The chest surgery is very draining...way harder that the hysterectomy, it seems to be taking quite a while to get better.

I wish you good health and a recurrence free future x you are quite a fighter.

Diane x


That is good news diane. Radio therapy is very good if you just have small localised disease, so that is something else in your favour. :)

Good luck with your treatment. I am sending positive vibes that they will zap all the cancer away. Vx


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