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I went to the craft fair at Ally Pally before Easter and saw this message stamp and think it applies to all of us:- You don't know how Strong you are until being strong is the only Choice you have. An appropriate message for all of us battling this disease.

My question is having had my first recurrence and 6 sessions of carbo/ taxol no hair. My wig is looking ragged and I wondered whether there are any recommendations for shampoo/conditions?

Love and hugs to all


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  • You should be able to buy some shampoo and conditioner from the place you got your wig from. Ann xx

  • Thank you for replying unfortunately it's too far for me to travel just to get shampoo for my wig. I got it at the hospital I was treated at and that's a good three quarters to a hours drive from here. I will search more on line.

    Maureen xx

  • Could you telephone them and do a payment liver the phone if they could post it to you?

  • I too was recommended the wig shampoo and a conditioning spray. Both from where I bought the wig. X

  • Thanks for replying I got my wig where I had my surgery and it's a long drive just for shampoo. I am looking on line now so it will come straight to the door.

    Maureen xx

  • Although I didn't wear my wig in the end I did buy a freshener spray and a shampoo from the same place - reasonable cost too

    Clare xx

  • Thanks for replying it's at least an hours drive to the hospital where I got my wig so I am looking on line.

    How are you doing after all your recent upset?

    Maureen xx

  • My wig came with conditioner and shampoo, I suggest you go back to where you got it, they may be able to trim it a little for you if you want as well. Just be careful when washing it luke warm water and rinse, then roll in a towel to get excess moisture out of it and hang overnight to dry

  • Thanks for replying I got my wig at the hospital where I had my surgery and it's a long drive so looking on line but have taken on board you advice. We have a big event coming up in May and I want my wig looking better as my hair won't be back by then.

    Maureen xx

  • Hi Maureen, I gave all my summer & winter hats, scarves, shampoo & condition for wigs to the cancer unit. Thinking the oc wouldn't come back but it has come back twice more & my hair is suffering badly.

    I was told to wash my wig in warm water with a shampoo specially for wigs not too hot & dry with a towel don't use a hair drier. I haven't tried it yet because my wig makes my hair fall out. WIgs doesn't like being wash too often. Give it a gentle wash & brush.

    If it doesn't work ask at your local Macmillan if they have any spare wigs. They are happy to help. Take care Cindyxx

  • Yes this beast does keep appearing and we don't want it back ever! My whiskers are showing but not much hair I wish it would come back as quickly as it comes out.

    Thanks for the advice.

    Maureen xx

  • Hello Maureen,

    The lady at the wig shop said that because the wig is made of synthetic fibres, you could use a solution of tepid water and fabric conditioner. I did try it and it seems to clean my Mum's wig pretty well. I looked at some American wig forums and it seems that they use a fabric washing solution called Woolite (I'm assuming it's a mild clothes shampoo). Someone else also told me that the stuff you get in wig shampoo is basically fabric washing solution! Having said that though, I'm going to buy a wig shampoo because I don't want to ruin it!

    Also, try your best not to get any heat on it and dry it away from the radiator

  • I am looking on line for a wig shampoo as I don't want to have to buy another should t get spoilt using something else. Thanks for the advice regarding getting it dry.

    Maureen xx

  • Woolite is available in Ireland and should also be in UK

  • Hello Mopsie, I was in the "fortunate" position of having two identical wigs as my dog took into his head to "restyle" my first wig without having a clue on current fashionable hairstyles. I mislaid the special shampoo and conditioner one day and decided to try out normal products on that first wig. I could detect no difference so used it on the second wig and continued to do so, mainly because it smelt better, until I no longer needed the wig. Perhaps you could try washing just a small area to see if your wig can tolerate normal products too.

    Definitely no heat as synthetic wigs can frizz - this includes opening the oven door, stand well back from that blast of heat.

  • Simply wigs is a fab website (I got my wigs from it), they sell shampoos and conditioning sprays and special wide tooth combs. They are really speedy with delivery times too. ❤️Xx Jane

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