Good news

I had follow up app with surgeon yesterday.

Stage 3a which is fantastic news for me.

Chemo to start in a few weeks. Wound not healing well. Hole has opened up so needs packing. Need that to be healed more before Chemo starts which is only down side.

Bowels not perfect but big improvement

Have lost a lot of weight so need to build up strength but apart from that I am so happy with result.

Feels so good to post something positive after feeling so rough for 2 weeks.

Taking it each day at a time still but feel like have my positivity back.

Sarah x

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  • Good for you. We all struggle with positivity sometimes but doesn't it feel good when we have it? Op on Monday for me. Feel strangely calm and see it as a good thing. Know I'll be an emotional wreck Monday morning. Good luck with the chemo. xx

  • All the best for Monday I will be thinking of you.

    Ellsey xx

  • Sarah

    Good to hear how positive you are, I got word this morning my CT scan is the week after my 3rd chemo, although I am nervous about the scan I am also positive that I am on target with my treatment. As you say each day as it comes, be good to yourself.

    Ellsey xx

  • Hi Ellsey

    I think it's just never knowing what to expect with app scans etc. The fear is just horrid. The only thing we can all be is positive.

    It's all pointing to a good outcome for you.

    Thinking of you.

    Sarah x

  • Hope you continue to improve. Best of luck in your chemo. It's not easy and you may face harsh side effects but hang in there. Just keep going till you complete the treatment. It will get better. A lot of us has been there done that and we have no choice but to be strong. I always pray and God has blessed me so that I can carry on. Eat whenever you can. Small portions but frequently. If not drink some healthy milk beverages. Build up your strength.

    Take care, GreenSnow

  • Thank you so much for your positivity. I am worried about the chemo but like you all day it's the next step to recovery.

    I am trying to eat little and often now. I can feel myself picking up each day.

    It's trying to find things to do that don't involve sitting or laying. My bum was beginning to get numb!

    I wander around the house looking out of all the windows. We have just had new neighbours opposite that I haven't been able to meet yet. They must think I'm a right nosey neighbour standing in the Windows all the time !!!!

  • That happened me with wound after first surgery when I was borderline. I was just home a day or less and had to go back to the hospital. So got iv antibiotics for a few days and sent home then had to return for dressings until it healed. It will heal but will take time, one tip dont use anything perfumed for showering at the moment. Wishing you well

  • Thank you for the tip. Nurse advised no showering or bath for a few weeks. I so miss a good shower !!

    How long does it take to heal? Now they have dressed the whole wound I worry how it will heal and dry ? I have just finished course of antibiotics. A little hiccup in grand scheme of things.


  • I suppose a sponge down without wetting the wound will freshen you up a bit, I think I had to do that. Mine was pretty bad so had to have dressings for a few weeks but it it heal. So the following year I had more surgery and asked for antibiotic cover and had no problem at all with 39 staples. It will heal and it is better to keep it dry, do you change the dressing yourself or do you have to get the local nurse to do it? I think all the dressings I had were dry ones. Just rest and dont bend and dont lift anything heavier than a cuppa

  • Hi Suzuki

    Can't begin to imagine how you coped with more surgery. It's good to know it does heal

    I do wash each day. All the important bits at bathroom sink. My daughter washes my hair over kitchen sink.

    The district nurse comes every other day to clean and pack it and the dress it.

    All I'm doing is walking around the house. Not lifting anything other than glass water.

    Thanks for advice.


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