Good News!!!

Wow,am really fussed, nearly kissed my oncologist, when he told me that my metas tic tumours on my lung had reduced by 50% .I am only halfway through my first chemo with Carboplatin, and whilst I know that at stage4,prognosis not too good, this result gives me HOPE!! And the incentive I need to cope with the chemo side effects.

Light at the end of the tunnel maybe!!!!!

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  • That's fantastic news! I am so pleased to hear it and especially to see the big smile on your face that is shining through the words. Bring on the second half of the carboplatin, eh!


  • Brilliant news lets hope the rest of chemo gets the other 50 % x

  • Its brilliant news you are having a good response to Carboplatin and are what the ONCs call 'Platinum sensitive' ie the chemo is working. Good news makes us all feel better doesn't it just, take care xx.

  • Jackie great news. Will just be the news you are needing to get you through the rest of the chemo. Hope you are not having to many rubbish side effects . Hoping that the rest of the chemo clears everything else up


    Ally xx

  • That's fantastic news Jackie. Best of luck with the rest of your treatment.

    Love Mary xx

  • Oh wow so pleased for you. I think Id have defo kissed the oncologist. What a boost and so lovely to hear good news. Im smiling ! Hope yr treatment goes well! xx

  • Very pleased for you, that is a good sign. Your oncologist is obviously happy too, I agree good scans make the side effects easier to deal with. I am smiling at wanting to hug your oncologist. My latest scan was good also and all I could do was look at him blankly. The thought of hugging him did come into my mind but I didnt act on I would never be able to go to him again as he is a very quiet man.

  • Great news Jackie. So pleased for you. So encouraging that the horrible side effects of chemo are worth it. Good luck for the rest ofvyour treatment. Ann xo

  • Amazing news Jackie. You are a star. I hope the remainder of the chemo goes just as well and you have more good news to celebrate. I had single agent carboplatin first time round and there was no sign of the b*ggers at the end. Let's hope you have the same outcome.

    Celebrating and supporting you all the way. xxxx love Annie

  • Wonderful news, hope the rest of your treatment goes well.

    Annette xxx

  • Great news, hope it goes well for you xxxxx

  • Best news xx

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