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Getting shorter

Well I went to see the team and apparently I have to rest my leg and take more of the painkillers. Magnesium is ok, as is calcium but Vit D a bit low.  The GP was more worried about my loss of height. I have lost 2 inches since diagnosis. I've been debaulked and deheighted! Have to go for an X Ray to see what is going on. Might account for the back and leg pain. So now I guess it is a race to see what happens first - end of remission or being 2 inches tall. 😂 

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Hi Betty

I've just read your post about getting shorter. It was so brave and upbeat I went back to read your earlier posts. I'm really glad you've become a poster rather than a reader as you have lots of interesting things to say. 

I really hope you can manage the pain in your leg/groin. It is horrendously debilitating. I just hope your team can explain what's going on and what they can do to help. 

I've never heard of anyone losing 2" before. I had an appointment at hospital yesterday to talk about back pain and was shown the scan images with the bones in the spine clearly visible. It showed I have some mets to the spine. They going to keep an eye on them and can give me radiotherapy for pain relief when the time is right. It seemed quite straightforward once we had the images in front of us. I hope it's the same for you. 

I read you are knitting for your hospice. I've just bought a glorious Teal Knitting Kit which is a fundraiser as part of Knit and Natter Groups. Are you part of that network?  I haven't yet taken part in the fundraising for my hospice. I'd really like to do something and the knitting idea seems perfect. 

I do hope you get some advice and a way forward very soon. I don't like to think of you  being 2" tall. 

xx love Annie


Hi Annie,

Thanks for this.  I am wondering if it is mets to the spine but it could just be osteoporosis of course. 

I will check out the knit and natter group that sounds good. I am knitting "knitted cuddlies" for the hospice summer Fayre at the moment - a cat, rabbit and teddy bear. They are easy to do and the first lot were bought even before the Fayre which is in June!

Thanks for your encouragement.




Sorry to hear you have mets in your spine. Jo x 


Hi Bo-Jo, I'm fine for the moment. I used to get really frightened reading posts here about the spread of this disease. 

Mine has spread to lungs, liver and spine with the likelihood of a spread to the bowel. My kidneys are under stress because of disease pushing on the uterters and the disease on my lymph nodes is causing oedema in both legs. 

So far I'm feeling well. I'm comfortable 95% time with the help of my palliative care team who keep a close eye on pain meds and other support drugs. I don't seem to be doing too badly adapting to the new me and most importantly I'm still enjoying every moment of life, getting around, having a laugh, loving my family and friends, and of course chatting with friends here online. I'm organising a big event for next week, planning a year of Awareness-Raising, and next Tuesday I'm helping with a research project looking into how DVT affects cancer patients. 

For now life is full and interesting and I have nothing to complain about. 

I've posted this because I''d hate anyone to think progression leads immediately to a worse quality of life. That isn't necessarily the case. 

xxxx sending love x Annie


HiPhilipandBettykid, I have leg and hip pain, mri showed no cancer just inflammation, I know I over done the walking, I stop and then walk long distances which is really bad for me.  I should build it up but the weather is so unpredictable its hard to be constant.  My gp is also sending me for hip xrays.  My sister has osteoporosis so i feel that as my last bone scan showed osteopeonia it has progressed.  So like you its wait and see, I have ct scan same day as hip xray.    I imagine its as a result of chemo.  So have a lovely weekend, I wont be on site for a few days as shortly heading away for sons wedding tomorrow


That is helpful Suzuki sometime I don't know what is disease and what is my age! Like you I tend to overdo it. You just have to make the most of the good days don't you? Then you have to cope with the deficit afterwards.

Have a great wedding and weekend.




Have a wonderful time at your sons wedding, hopefully the sun will shine but it will still be a fabulous day even if it doesn't. 



Could it be osteoporosis?  All the women on my mum's side of the family shrink as they get older. Despite surgical menopause I am ok at present but they took a baseline spinal and hip scan so they have a baseline to compare with in future. Good luck. Jo x 


Yes it could be. I suspect chemotherapy brings that on and then of course there are the steroids. We do get everything thrown at us, don't we?


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