Hair coming out again


Has anybody had what I'm experiencing,

Stared chemo in April had 4 lots then stopped for hysterectomy.

Then stared chemo again for another two treatments. In the mean time hair and eyebrows and eyelashes started to grow. Finished my last chemo two weeks ago and noticed my hair is coming out again. Gutted as I've booked a holiday in November and calculated it should be about 1 1/2 inches long by then.

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  • Depends on what chemo you are having. I am sorry to say with taxol there is no escape. I had one dose only with taxol (allergic reaction) but lost my hair. I resumed on carboplatin only and hair grew back white and curly. While waiting for it to regrow I had a great wig good people kept asking who my hairdresser was. It was funny and I went along with it. Remember this is just one chapter in your life not the whole story . The next few months are about the one thing you can control and that's you psychological reaction . I would recommend some of the TED TALKS on cancer available on u tube. I found them very inspirational and they set me up for handing my attitudes and reactions especially as I had a traumatic chemo journey. Good luck with yours.

  • Thanks Bonnie with your reply, I've just finished taxol and carboplatin 2 weeks ago. My hair came out about after 3 session. Just though when it started to grow again that would be it,but hopefully it might not all come out. I too have two great wigs and some nice turbans but I'm going to a warmer climate and wanted to go without them.

    Don't get me wrong I'm so lucky to of survived this horrible disease and my hair has been the least of my worries and still is, but just wondered if any other ladies had lost their hair twice during one leg of chemo.

    I will look at Ted Talk thank you xx

  • I had 4 cycles of carbon taxol and a 5 week break for surgery. In that break my eyelashes, eyebrows and hair started to grow. I had 2 more cycles of the same and lost everything again. I'm now 5 weeks from last chemo and hair growth so much slower. Still no brows or eyebrows and random head bristles. Getting a bit worried about lack of head hair xx

  • Hi Gleedy, have your lashes and brows started to grow back yet? X

  • Last chemo was 10th August and eyebrows and lashes both started to come back last week with a vengeance and both are clearly visible now. Head hair has grown back pure white and curly whereas of I've always had poker straight, mousey brown hair. I could get a job as Mrs Christmas in a grotto. I'm not revealing that mop till I can dye it. X

  • Thanks Gleedy, I'm obviously the same as you. My hair is about 3/4 inch long now but think it's going again, so I'm going to have to except it. I'm sure your hair will start growing again soon. My eyebrows and lashes were the last thing to go and the first to come back. Xx

  • Eyelashes grow in 6 week cycles - mine have grown back, fallen out and then grown back thicker. I used the Viviscal tablets and now use the Lee Stafford hair thickening treatment and both work good. Think you may have been a little optimistic about November but you will have a brilliant holiday anyway.

  • Hi

    I am the same as you my hair eyelashes and eyebrows started to grow after surgery, now I am totally bald with neither brows or eyelashes, had my last Carbo/Taxol last Friday any tiny bum fluff i have will come out again this week as its always week 3 or me.

    The positive from this for me is I saw it starting to grow before I resumed chemo, so know that it will grow again.

    Hugs Ellsey

  • That's a fear I have that it won't grow back... I do have some stable growing back tho so that's positive sign but it's patchy so I look great lol... Still having chemo tho so should not complain... I have about three eyelashes left but I've bought some false ones to wear for my birthday in October I have no idea how to put them on ... Eyebrows still holding in but again patchy 😝

  • My hair fell out at about week three as they told me it would. At my 4th cycle my eyebrows and eyelashes fell out also. Everything gets in my eyes and its a royal pain as i work outside. I have 1/2" hair on the back of my head, fuzzy. It grew back even though I still am having taxol three more times.

    I also bought fake eyelashes but don't have a clue how to put them on straight. i was told to cut them in thirds as it is easier to manage.

    XXOO Carol

  • Hi-

    I started chemo in May 2016. I have one cycle to go. My hair would fall out then grow some, fall out etc. Right now it is about 1/2" at the back of my neck. My eyelashes and brows have fallen out. It certainly grow differently on different areas on my head. Looking forward to getting my lashes back, everything gets in my eyes right now.

    Glad you are done with chemo and can recover!!


  • Hello, the exact same thing is happening to me. I'm 2 weeks post my last taxol and the head hair I grew while on the taxol is falling out. Did all of yours fall out or did is just thin a bit? I'm devastated!

  • It was only a bit on my head but the eyelashes and brows fell out again so I lost them twice. They grew back very quickly and. My hair grew back thicker and curly and a different colour xx

  • Thanks for your response. Phew! No eyebrows and eyelashes I can deal with. Losing all the hair on my head again after I've patiently watched it come back for the last 14 weeks not so much!

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