Slowly getting there

I've had 15 out of 18 weekly Taxol today, all went well, my veins behaved today to. Only 3 more to do, I must admit feeling a bit more tired now and achy, but I'm so nearly to the finish line! I've booked a break away to Marbella for 4 nights next Sunday, can't wait to sit in the shade with my floppy sun hat and to chill out with my family, then when I get back 2 more treatments.

Wishing e ethology a good weekend




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  • Well done your nearly there, have a fab hol, I'm off to Spain next week too x

  • Have a great time and thank you xx

  • Karen well done nearly there, its brilliant to hear. I hope you really enjoy your break and soak up that sun (from the shae of course :). xxxx Trish

  • Glad you've a lovely break away to look forward to, 15 done is quite a slog so well done you. Enjoy the weekend and have a fab time in the sun

    Clare X

  • Thanks Clare, yes feel as if I need a break of treatment now xx

  • I finished chemo, et al in March. I too petered out toward the end. I don`t think I could have dragged myself there for the last two if my daughter had not constantly urged me on. The body and the mind grow so weary.

    I was not mentally prepared, however, for adjusting to NOT having chemotherapy! I was not told that discomfort does not immediately stop; worry does not stop; and that, painful or not, being the focus of medical attention during treatment-then being a regular person again- requires adjustment.

    This is all normal, but I was unaware of these feelings, and I worried more than necessary. I wish someone had prepared me for recovery from chemo. It`s a common process, but in my experience, doctors were great at their jobs of helping and healing, but not great with preparing me for the psychological recovery from their wonderful, successful medical care.

    That`s why this forum is so helpful; we can share those worrisome times and reasssure one another.

    I say all this in hopes you will be that much more free to enjoy your vacation. And I hope the same for me; my children are taking me to Kauai for a belated end-of-chemo vacation.

    Best wishes.

  • This is so true, after my first line of chemo last year I wasn't really prepared how out on a limb I felt, I didn't feel confident at work when I went back it was really tough for a while not to mention the physical side of things like tiredness etc. I probably didn't make the most of things as was still recovering before I had to have second line, but this time I more mentally prepared, I'm going to make the most of things as I've been told I will have ongoing treatments!

    Thus site is excellent and the ladies on here are so supportive, I couldn't do without them.

    Wow have a great time and enjoy, wishing you all the best



  • Hi Karen so you are almost there. I hope you have a lovely restful break in Marbella sunshine is good for the soul. Bring you sun screen and enjoy the boats and the sea and the heat. Then you will just have two more to do when you get home. Yes when we finish we are out on a limb afloat and then is the time to see if there is a support centre near you that you can avail of. It does help get the mind on an even keel. People tend to think because treatment is over, you have an instant recovery but that is not so. You will need to rest a while and get your energy and stamina back. Have a fab break

  • Thank you, I am looking forward to a rest and build up some energy for the last two treatments then a good break hopefully!!

    Hope you are well


  • Brilliant, well done. Enjoy your holiday with your family. Ann x

  • Thanks Ann, wishing you all the best with your next treatments hope it goes to plan xx

  • Hi Karen. So pleased that you have almost broken the back of it. I start 18 weeks on weekly Taxol on Tuesday - my 4th line of treatment - and I'm dreading it. Having the cold cap again too to try to salvage my hair as my daughter gets married early next year. Just wondered how you found the experience. I've had Taxol before in combination with Carboplatin so can't really isolate the side effects. My treatment will be finished on 12th October all being well, two weeks before the birth of my first grandchild so something to aim for. Enjoy your very well deserved holiday in Marbella. Love Ruby xx

  • Hi Ruby it's been a bit of a long haul but the side affects have been ok, my hair has gone very thin, I've still got covering, my eyelashes are thinner but again haven't lost them all and the same with my eyebrows.

    I've carried on working, I haven't felt any sickness at all but I do have one day where I have diahrea but I take Imodium and it settles right down, as the weeks have gone on I'm more tired now and I can't wait to have a break. I found the side affects more manageable than when I was on carbo/taxol. As you already know drink lots of water. As the weeks have gone on to my veins are struggling so not always but sometimes it's hard for the nurses the put the cannula in, but we keep limping along and I've only got three to go so don't want a port if I can get to end.

    Wishing you all the best Ruby and really hope you have the minimum side affects, let me know how you are doing.



  • Thanks Karen that is so helpful. I'll keep in touch. Ruby xx

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