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Does remission time get shorter after each recurrance?

I was diagnosed Stage 1a Sept 11, has total hyst and 6 sessions taxol/carbo. After last check up in Nov CA125 has risen to 54 and subsequent CT showed a recurrance in two lymph glands. Now waiting to see if I can get op or will be further chemo. What are my chances now, Dr implies remission time gets shorter after first recurrance, has anyone had a long remission after recurrance or even no further recurrances after first one? Also can Dr's tell from CT scan that this is definately cancer? Really worried at moment that I will never be free of this disease!

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Hi Sasha,

It is generally thought that with each recurrance remission is shorter, but everyone is different, and some people do have a long time in remission, I had a recurrance and I am now in remission and have been for twelve months, there is no way of telling how soon it will return, you haven't said whether yours is high grade or not, but they do seem to have caught it early (1a) so that's a good thing, when you next go to see your oncologist write all your questions down so that you don't forget to ask sending you my best wishes love x G x


Dear Sasha

I'm really sorry you've had this worry over Christmas. Your condition was caught at an early stage and this should give you hope. I do know women who've had more than 1 course of chemotherapy and then the disease goes into a really good long remission. I think much depends on how and where it comes back so you should ask your oncologist what your particular prognosis is. Alas, it's a very ideosyncratic disease.

Let us know how your next visit goes. xxxx Loads of love Annie


Thanks for that. I just feel like i've lost my safety net now, as I was diagnosed at such an early stage the first time I had the hope that it wouldn't return, now that has gone. I will keep you posted xx


Hi Sasha

Take a look at Emily's blog. It is just the inspiration you need right now. Emily has been in remission for 41/2 years after a recurrence.

Hugs xxx


Thank you that's very helpful and gives me some hope xx


Hi Sasha,

I had a recurrence after 2 years and am now in a 2 and a half year remission. Everyone is different. I was also told to expect a shorter remission this time but that has not proved to be the case. Wishing you all the best!




Thanks Adele, it gives me some hope !


Thank you all for your kind words and advice. I am new to this site so it is nice to hear from people in the same situation as myself. I suppose I am a little shocked that when I was diagnosed the first time it was such an early stage and I had some hope that it wouldn't return. I feel that hope is now gone and I am a little concerned as to what my future holds. I will keep you posted xx


I`m not sure if its the same for breast cancer, but a lady I know went through 20 years of re-occurances with her breast cancer, it came back 5 times in the 20 years. She has now had her longest remission ever, its been over 15 years for her now so shorter remissions with each reoccurance isn`t always the case. She was discharged from the breast clinic 10 years ago.

Everyone are different and I would assume it depends on the reocurrance, where it is et cetera.

One thing I don`t understand is my oncologist told me that if it does return they won`t do anything unless it gives me pain or makes me feel unwell.

She said that early diagnosis of a reoccurance doesn`t always mean a lot. But surely it does, it must do mustn`t it? I just don`t get that at all! Maybe someone else can give us the answers to that. I will also ask again on my next appointment in February.

Love Tina xxx


Hi Tina

Thanks for that, I agree with you, the hospital have said I won;t start treatment until middle of Jan, they don't seem to be rushing things. My ca125 is only 54 and I have seen people with a lot higher than that. I feel perfectly well which is a good thing I suppose. Good Luck at your appt in feb xx


Maybe the CA 125 is a good indicator for you that it isn`t too bad at the moment, I do hope so Sasha. My husband and I had this conversation about 10 minutes ago.

We don`t get it at all. We will ask at next appointment or I may even give the oncologist nurse a ring. I have never phoned her before with a worry and I do know that I can if something is concerning me.

Although while I stay in remission it is of know huge concern, it is something I would like to have a better understanding of.

I also am aware that its not always a soon death sentence, a second or third bash of chemo can put us back in remission for a few more years. It doesn`t sound as though there is a clear cut answer so I guess we will never stop the worry and the fears.

Thank the lord we have one another to support and chat too, at least it breaks down some of the isolation and we can chat freely about how we feel.

Good luck with the start of your chemo in January - and keep us all posted how it goes for you because we all care enough to be there with you helping to hold it all together.



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