Boooo hooooooo not WOO HOOOOO!!!!!!

So much for woo hoooo Martin came out hospital thursday I ambulance carted me off Saturday. Got strange rash on bum and even stranger pain in groin and leg, but what they are worried about is low blood pressure. It's my run for anti everything's and buckets of fluid, leg pain still coming and going but blood low and still mooting transfusion worst of all. My gorgeous man can't come in to see me in cas he catches something BOOO HOOO

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  • Oh no ! Hope to goodness you get sorted soon to spend some time with Martin.

    Sending you hugs

    Judy xx

  • Oh no! I hope you are released soon and get back home with your man asap. Sending lots of love your way xxx

  • I am sorry to hear your story, anybodys bp would go up if their man came home but you have to be different. I hope they sort it for you asap. I hope they also get to the bottom of the rash forgive the pun and that you will be home soon again,

  • Hi there .. I'm sorry you're feeling low .. sending love and hugs xxx

  • Sooo sorry to read that you're in hospital, Knoxie. Sending good luck wishes that you are soon sorted out and able to go home, feeling better and able to be back with your gorgeous husband. Let's hope that the blood transfusion perks you up, energy wise, too. Xx

  • Gosh, a lot going on but I am sure the hospital will sort you out and I hope you will be home soon. It's bad enough when one of you is ill but with your husband as well its double the stress.

    Wishing you a speedy recovery. X

  • Oh no!! Hope you're both on the mend. Xx

  • That's rubbish. You were on such a high too. I hope you get home do on xx

  • Soon

  • Sorry to hear that and I hope it's sorted out quickly

  • So sorry to hear that you are unwell Knoxie. Sending you hugs and snuggles


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