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Just checking in

Hi lovely ladies, I haven't posted for ages but I do read your posts from time to time and follow one or two of you who were around when I was posting on a regular basis. Lily-Anne I have been keeping up with you in particular over the last few months and thinking of you. 

DD is doing amazingly well. Her MRIs are now yearly (hooray) and her consultant appointments six monthly. At a recent appointment we were told her treatment is working better than hoped :D so that is fantastic.  One of the residual tumours (benign) has even shrunk a teeny bit! She is getting on with life as best she can, bearing in mind she also battles ME and Fibromyalgia on a daily basis. I am an extremely proud Mum, she has handled so much and continues to do so with smiling determination. We are 6 years down the line now - hardly seems possible.

I can never say thank you enough for the encouragement I had from you ladies on this site, some of whom are no longer with us. You are truly an inspiration and I continue to think of you and wish you all well.

 Sadly I have a friend who has stage 4 OC and is undergoing a gruelling round of chemo before seeing whether her large tumour has shrunk in order for surgery to take place. She has a small spread to her lungs. I have recommended this site to her. Initial prognosis not good, but things change.

Love to all and keep strong, because you are incredible.

Honey xxxxxxx

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Hi Honey

Thank you for sharing your good news but sorry to hear about your friend.

Best wishes to you



Thank you for your nice words, I am also sorry your friend is on treatment at the moment, I wish her well and also for her surgery,


Good luck to your friend. My tumour was too large for surgery but shrank enough for surgery, do hope the same will apply to your. 


to your friend I meant to say, pressed send too soon. 


So glad your daughter continues to do well and I hope this will continue for many many years to come.  Four one so young she has come through a lot.  Best wishes. Ann x


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