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Hi my mum has stage 4 cancer only diagnosed in Jan this year. She is plagued with ascities and they were able to drain 4 litres after 5 attempts. But only after 2 weeks her stomach is solid and swollen again. She is so uncomfortable and sick with it. We were so disappointed it came back so soon. She is getting a permanent drain on this week. Not sure of the right name of it. Has anyone had this? They are no longer offering her treatment 😢Thanks ladies and hope you all doing good x

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I’m so so sorry to hear about your mum. Ascites is horrible. I’ve had it three times and I’m getting it back again. Chemo gets rid of it as well as the draining. I’m so sorry that they’re not offering your mum any treatment. Can she get a second opinion.

Thinking of you and her. Hugs xxxxx

Bloody hell 😟I’m so guttered for you I’m stuck for words to say to you and your mum my mum is only at stage 1 c and i know how lucky as a family that it was found early my heart goes out to you and your family all my love ❤️❤️❤️❤️

I had a pleurex drain fitted in my abdomen a couple of months ago, after having 2 'temporary' drains in hospital of 6litres a time as the fluid just kept building up. I think the rate of build up varies for different people, but I now have a district nurse visit once a week to drain the fluid and change the dressing. It means that I feel much more comfortable, and the fluid doesn't have the chance to build up too much. Really hope it helps your Mum.

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Thanks for the reply. She is having it fitted in Friday and they keeping her in over the weekend for monitoring. She wasn't sure what to expect with the daily management of it. Really hopes it make her more comfortable.

I'm so sorry to read about your Mum. I have no experience of ascities, thankfully, but just want to say hope your poor Mum is more comfortable soon. Sending both you and your Mum love and a big sympathetic hug.

Solange 😊

Sorry to hear about your mum. I hope they find a way to relieve her symptoms and get her comfortable again. The pressure must be uncomfortable. Lots of love and good luck x

Sorry to hear about your mum's experiences with ascites .Initially when first diagnosed in Nov 17 I had 6 litres of fluid taken off after going to A&E and in so much pain .My first session of Chemotherapy took place on the ward and then I felt so much better .My operation took place after3 sessions of Chemotherapy and what a relief.

It may be worth getting a second opinion to see if it is possible to operate. Take care and wishing you lots of luck xx

So sorry to hear of your mom’s condition. Ca is such a vile, miserable player. My mother in law is dealing with uterine ca and experiencing ascites with rapid reoccurrence after having 2 liters removed only last week. I’m hoping an indwelling drain will be an option, as we are taking her to the MD this morning.

Sending best thoughts and wishes for your dear mom.



I'm so sorry about your mom, it's heartbreaking watching them in pain. When my mom was diagnosed last July, she had about 10 litres drained before starting chemo but it took a while to begin chemo, so they gave her the temporary drain which I and my dad emptied for her when the little container got full and first thing in the morning. It wasn't too unpleasant and it did the job but watch for infection (redness, pain or puss at the sight) as hers got infected so they had to remove it in emerge. It kept her abdomen comfortable until chemo started which dries up ascities. It's so upsetting they can't give her treatment. My heart goes out to you, your mom and your family.

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Thanks for your reply. Hope your mom is keeping well x

Ascites is horrible, the pressure makes it hard to walk, you can't eat anything. I lived on smoothies until my first chemo treatment which was arranged very quickly after diagnosis. It immediately helped and after the second treatment, was greatly reduced. I had a third treatment and scan which showed it further greatly reduced so surgery was scheduled. I am okay now with the ascites situation and having three more chemo treatments. I never had to wait for chemo or appointments, everything started immediately upon diagnosis.

My wife had permanent drain, I think it was called Rocket. They inserted it in January this year after it was drained couple of times in weeks before that in hospital and as she was going through chemo in the same time, it was very tiring to go to hospital every week. Ascites on its own was horrible experience and I'm talking as man - observer. It was hard to see her suffer with that fluid. Her oncologist advised- offered her to have permanent drain. After they've done it, district nurse or me drained it every other day at home for first month and then periods between drains got longer and around 3rd month after it stopped producing fluid completely in that area. About month ago my wife asked to get it out because it wasn't doing any job. Suddenly she was told by same radiologist who put it in that it isn't possible to get it out due to overgrown scar tissue around tube. Of course we were both fed up and felt let down. She is dealing with enough stuff, and this on top of it? Few days later she went to hospice to get her other symptoms under control and they were surprised that she's got tube still in and in few days they manage to find surgeon, not radiologist to remove it.

But I still think it was worthy to have that permanent drain in after all, when ascites was accumulating so much, it was easier to drain it at home then ran 2 times a week to hospital. And last thing I remember she used to complain that she couldn't take a bath due to infection risk with it.

I hope that drain will help your mum to feel a bit better. I know it doesn't stop cancer but it will give her some better quality time without feeling like pregnant all the time. Stay well

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Thanks so much for your detailed reply. Good to get some info from someone who seen it first hand. My mum is scheduled to have it put in on Friday. They are keeping her in for the weekend to monitor. Really hope it helps her get more comfort and she can eat more. Chemo is no longer an option for her so the drain is the only thing to relieve symptoms. Hope your wife is keeping well.

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